Delhi Tobacco Museum & Heritage Centre

Delhi Tobacco Museum & Heritage Centre is a museum that celebrates the rich agricultural heritage of Norfolk County. This November they held their famous Christmas Dinner, a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

Luckily one of the event organizers saw me with my camera out and offered to take a family photo! 

This Christmas village was a big draw for the kids, they loved the different houses and the train whizzing by!

The Playford Players serenaded everyone during dinner.

Dinner was a buffet with all the helpings you could eat. They just kept piling the food on! I loved the cute Spode napkins and the kids loved the York patties at their place setting.

The main lobby of the museum is set up to look like an old main street. Each little shop has something to see inside. 

I love the classic decorations on this Christmas tree. I may have pinned quite a few similar to them on my new Pinterest board, My future country house

I recently decided that I would like a real live reindeer one day and while looking at the gift shop I found this lovely tea towel! It's a sign for sure :)