Grand River Beer Club - Christmas Winter Warmers

Grand River Brewing is a local craft operation which holds monthly beer clubs. Each one has a different theme and December is the month of Winter Warmers. 

The building is a former factory and has an old world charm to it. The perfect spot to hold monthly craft beer tastings!

We sampled a few different craft beers, all with different alcohol levels. Some made it up to 10%! 

We were lead through the tasting of each beer while a local cheese vendor served a selected pairing. 

After the tasting roughly 9 different beers, and selecting our favorites, we went on a tour of the brewery and learned all about the process to making beer. 

(instagram shot @roxhenderson)

My favorite beer of the night was Grand River's own Baked Apple. It is light at 3.5% but the perfect Fall/Winter beer. Right now it is just on tap, hopefully soon this will make it into bottles!