Reba performed at Caesars Windsor this year and I was lucky enough to grab tickets the minute they went on sale. I have loved Reba since I was a very young girl and still remember the first time seeing her music video's in the 80's. 

Caroline Kole is the wildly talented 16 year old singer/songwriter who opened for Reba. She played a few songs and as soon as I heard If he'd ever look up, I knew it wouldn't be long until it hit the radio (The Highway on Sirius plays it often)

The lady of the hour, Reba! I was so excited when we scored 9th row seats. Reba is a true beauty and an amazing entertainer. She had the crowd out of their seats dancing and singing along and told great stories about each song. 

Reba played all the hits and I was especially happy when she played two of my favorites, Is there life out there (she's singing that above) and she brought down the house with her encore, Fancy