Cleveland Indians Family Social Suite

A few months ago I applied for the Cleveland Indians Family Social Suite on their website. I didn't hear anything until last Tuesday when I received an email asking if we wanted tickets to the Family Social Suite on Friday! We jumped at the opportunity and Friday morning we headed out on our 5 hour road trip from Toronto to Cleveland!

*My advice to baseball/road trip/cross border shopping loving Canadians - get Nexus. You are already prescreened so there is no waiting at the border, it saves us a ton of time and hassle.

My family and I visited Progressive Field last summer and had an absolute blast. On the off season the ball park underwent extensive renovations and I was really excited to see what changes had been made. 

The view of the park from the outfield.

Part of the renovations was the creation of the new right field concourse. There are themed food vendors like Ballpark Classics...

...and Great Lakes Brewing Co. Each stand has a giant vintage Indians photo above it. The selection is outstanding, there really is something for everyone. 

Another great addition to the park is The Corner. This two story bar in right field was built with reclaimed wood and steel from the old Columbus Road Bridge in the Flats. You can buy standing room only tickets, they are called District Tickets, for $13 and it includes a 12 oz. beer, pepsi product or bottled water. The beer selection is outstanding, you can even pick your own beer on an interactive screen and pour one for yourself!

Yet another great addition to the park is the Field View Bullpen.

It's the best seat if you want to get up close and personal with the players. Many of them gave a nod to the fans watching, much to the delight of the younger fans. If you choose, you can watch the first inning from the bullpen, but my family and I had other plans...

The Family Social Suite! 

Luxurious leather seating, kitchenette, private restroom, a closet filled with toys and crafts for little ones...

And the best part? These seats! What a view of the field! The Family Social Suite is located right beside the new Kids Clubhouse (which I will blog about tomorrow). 

After viewing the Family Social Suite, we decided to search out some food and beer. I love that they have a stand called Major League Pizza. When I was young my brother and I loved this movie and watched it until the VHS wore out! 

The silent auctions are always fun to look at. The hubs and I were very taken with the signed Francona jersey (Terry Francona was the manager for the Boston Red Sox when the 86 year curse of the Bambino was finally broken).

If I could have just one brand of beer for the rest of my life, it would be Sam Adams. I went with the Summer Ale and it is the perfect summer-at-a-baseball-game beer! 

Friday's game was celebrating the 1995 Cleveland Indians and many of the players were brought on field to much fan fair. Everyone was on their feet when Dennis Martinez threw out the first pitch! The '95 Indians won the American League Championship Series which led to their first World Series since 1954 (poor guys ultimately lost to the Braves).

Time for the National Anthem.

The youngest and I are ready for some baseball!

Slider sneaked into our Family Social Suite while we were on the balcony watching the game and he scared the living daylights out of me! We all had a great laugh, took a few photos and I even got a little kiss!

Remember earlier I mentioned the standing room only tickets? Here's the view of that area from our suite. It's such a great price point at $13 including a drink, if I lived in Cleveland I would use this as a way to unwind with friends after work. 

Everyone loves mascot races! The Sugardale Hot Dog Derby occurs at the end of the fifth inning. Ketchup, Mustard and Onion race around the warning track. Ketchup, with his Wild Thing Rick Vaughn glasses, was the winner this time! 

A beautiful cotton candy sky over Progressive Field.

Look what we got! We were so excited to win the Silent Auction and can't wait to frame and hang Terry Francona's jersey in our house. 

Near the end of the game a representative of the Cleveland Indians asked us if we wanted to watch the fireworks from the visitors dugout! We waited on the warning track for them to clean out the dugout when some Tampa Bay players gave Cabrera a Gatorade Dunk! (on the right is #9 Joey Butler and #13 Asdrubal Cabrera) I ended up with a few ice cubes on my feet, the dangers of wearing sandals! 

While waiting the back catcher gave the youngest a baseball! Another to add to his growing collection. 

I posted a selfie on my Instagram page and captioned it by saying I was on the field, well here's the proof! Yes, they did ask me to get off and no I do not regret it!

I still can't believe we were lucky enough to watch the fireworks from an MLB dugout.

The nighttime fireworks celebrated this years Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. The fireworks were spectacular and set to voice clips and songs from Joan Jett, Ringo Star, Lou Reed and Green Day!

A huge thank you to the Cleveland Indians for offering us the Family Social Suite!