WOW Wednesday with Crystal Reia - Be in the Present


I’ve heard it a thousand times... LOL heck I’m probably guilty of it myself at times! I’ll start Monday... or I’ll get that work out in tomorrow. So why do we do this to ourselves? We push off the inevitable and we end up more miserable for it. Then a week from today we are wishing we had just started a week ago or a year ago with those healthier changes!  And around and around it goes!

I think some of it might be related to our natural capacity for “over thinking” in the past too much and also worrying about hitting those future goals might seem overwhelming... but meanwhile here we are “IN THE PRESENT” doing nothing. We sit and wallow of what might have been instead of embracing today and making the most of it!

So what change are you going to do today to better yourself for tomorrow! Even the smallest of changes can make the biggest impacts to your health and wellbeing. Eventually all those little things can add up if you are consistent.

Being “Present” also applies to your everyday activities. If your mind and heart is not in it, it’s hard to reap the benefits. When my clients come to me, I get so much more out of them and their workouts if they are 100% invested in the present and what they are doing. Not thinking about what happened at work earlier, or where they might have to go later. Taking that one hour for themselves to take a “time out” for their wellbeing, body and mind is more important than you know!

Just something to think about when you are working out next time! Focusing on the movements, your muscles, your energy and how it feels will get you those results you are looking for much sooner.

So my quick words of advice? “Always be 100% invested in the present, your mind, body and spirit will thank you for it!”

Short and sweet today folks! Have a fit & fab week!

Crystal Reia
Your Health-Your Choice