High Medium Low - Striped Shirts

I love reading High, Medium & Low columns. Magazines, websites and bloggers have them for everything from clothing to home decor to real estate to you name it. I'm jumping on an already established bandwagon and posting my own high/medium/low column, starting with striped shirts. Ah, the striped shirt. So easy to wear and yet so hard to find a perfect one. Sometimes the colors are not exactly what you want, too much detail or too few, or the material just isn't what you had hoped. For the inaugural HML (oh yeah, I'm calling it that now) I did a lot of research and didn't choose items just because of the price, I read reviews and internet comments. They had to fit a very scientific criteria of wearability (did it get good reviews), cute-ability (has to look nice right?) and purchasability (basically would I buy the item myself if I had a black AMEX). Like I said, very scientific. Without further ado, HML Striped Shirts

High - Petit Bateau $150

Medium - EM +ME £48 This is the same shirt Kate Middleton wears!

Low - Land's End $19.67 CAN On sale from 68.89 Now is the time to buy!