{Guest Post} Crystal Reia, Your Health-Your Choice Move of the Month

I hope everyone enjoyed a nice fitness break over the holidays. Today is the first #WOWWednesday of January and it's time to get back to eating right and exercising! Guest blogger Crystal Reia, owner of Your Health-Your Choice is back to lead us through a full body workout. Watch the instructional video below and give it a try! Let us know in the comments below what you think of this move. Without further ado, take it away Crystal! -Rox-Anne, Celebrating this Life

Happy New Year!! I trust everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years with their friends and families! I am actually still on partial holidays but excited to get back to my classes and clients!

It’s funny how hard we can be on ourselves. Everyone deserves a rest and break and yet I’ve caught myself falling into that trap of self criticism and worrying that my break has been too long out of training. Then I have to smack myself and say “Really? Look how far you’ve come in the past five years!” There’s no way I would have been able to do this move below five years ago!!! Hello wake-up call!

I might have been busy entertaining family over these holidays and took a much needed rest from training. But before I know it I’ll back to the grind and working harder than ever sweating it out with my clients! So for anyone else who might be feeling overwhelmed from the holidays – give yourself a break and take a look at the whole picture. Two weeks are not going to make or break you. It’s what you do over the long term and going forward! Turning my attitude to the positive.... instead of kicking myself down – I’m going to lift myself up!

So!!! Thought I’d kick off the New Year with one of my personal favorite full body combo moves, sure to work your full body and kick up your heart rate! And I’m going to give myself a little pat on the back here for executing this after my crazy holidays! Haha!

Plyo Plank with Tricep Push-Up and Plank Rows

Start in full plank position, engage abdominals and jump feet wide up towards your hands (like you’re folding your body in half), then jump both feet back to plank. Execute a full tricep push-up (or my yogi’s know it as “chattarunga”) can be done from the toes or modified down to the knees for beginners; then complete two plank rows R & L. ~Repeat~

Tips: Plank rows are tricky because you have to do your best to isolate your body and core still. Try not to let your hips swing from side to side as you row; stay square to the floor with hips and shoulder. This move could also be done in a modified plank off the knees as well until you work up enough arm, back and core strength.

You can also split up this combo of moves. Try just the plyo plank, or just the push up, rows by themselves. Add one move on until you get stronger.

Any questions? Please feel free to ask! There are endless combos similar to this one you can do to challenge your full body and engage those muscles.

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s make each day count and kick some major butt this year!!!


Crystal Reia