An Afternoon In Glasgow

After a very exciting Celtic Football Club game, AMH and I met up with another set of cousins and headed into downtown Glasgow (I know what you're thinking, how much family do you have in the UK!?!? The answer is a lot. All of my family, except my mom and siblings, are in the UK!).

My two cousins, L & J, made the loveliest tour guides. Their love of Glasgow shone through in our conversations. They shared that Glasgow was recently named the world's friendliest city and National Geographic Traveller named it as one of the top 20 cities in the world to visit for 2016. 

We started in George Square, as seen above, and made our way to Market Square for dinner and drinks. The Social was a beautiful outdoor restaurant where we caught up and decided what to see in the city. I had two major sites on my list of 'must see', I had to check out "The Cone" and I wanted to see the University of Glasgow. 

Check - The cone is still there. Unfamiliar with the story of the cone

Glasgow is known the world over for its architecture and this building in George Square gives a little hint as to why it carries this reputation. 

The main gate at University of Glasgow

We made it! I have wanted to see the university grounds since I was little. You never know, maybe I will get a degree here too one day. I have to finish my degree at #UWaterloo first though (4 years down, 6 more to go #maturestudent)

Because, really. Look at that architecture #architecturelover

When we walked into this vaulted area my cousin L informed us this is where her convocation was. Can you image receiving your diploma in a place as beautiful as this?!?!

Playing around with the hubs

Playing with my cousins, L&J

This was a nice little surprise, a memorial stone for Canada's McGill University founder, James McGill. 

Through the vaulted area we were brought to this open lawn. It was at precisely this moment that I asked cousin L if she knows that she attended Hogwarts. 

Like, I was really waiting for Harry, Ron and Hermione to walk out in their black robes. 

See why I have been #obsessed with this place, it's stunning! 

Me and my cousins L&J in front of a perfectly manicured hedge at the University of Glasgow. 

AMH and I, downtown Glasgow in the background. 

A last shot of us in front of the uni

Ok, last photo of the University of Glasgow, I swear! Isn't she pretty?

After the University of Glasgow, we were off to Kelvingrove Park to see The Stewart Memorial Fountain. This fountain has erected in 1872 and meant to celebrate a new water supply to Glasgow. The park is lovely with lush greenery and couples and families picnicking or just enjoying some time outdoors.

If I had to sum Glasgow up in a word it would be architecture. Or family. Probably should have said family. Oh well, they know I love them and they too are in love with Glasgow's architecture. This row of townhouses caught my fancy before we slipped into another pub for a pint and headed to bed for another early start. Tomorrow, we are off to Liverpool! 

I want to say a special thanks to my cousins L&J for being the best darn tour guides Glasgow has to offer. xx