Bed Time With Needham Lane

On our last night in London we stayed at the luxurious Sofitel Heathrow. We had an early flight home the next morning so after swimming in a hot bath (the bathtub was huge!) it was time for Needham Lane pj's, a last cuppa tea, and bed. While on vacation I got quite used to the ritual of a warm bath, tea, and sitting for a few minutes to quietly enjoy surroundings. It's something I think I need to start doing at home as well. I bought a peony while in Chelsea and carried it through two different hotels. These were the last few hours with my beautifully scented flower as I could not take it home with me.

I loved the Ellie Nightshirt as soon as I saw it. The deeply saturated colours just spoke to me. I love wearing nightshirts and adding pockets is a genius idea. As I mentioned in my earlier Needham Lane post I spend my mornings cleaning while in my pj's. I have already used the pockets to hold on to  my Apple TV remote (have you seen how small that remote is?!) and other small items. Just remember to take them out of your pockets before bed time or you will turn your tv on when you roll over (yes, this did happen to me!).

Many thanks to the wonderful team at Needham Lane for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.