Camden Market

One afternoon we decided to hop on our favourite Tube and visit Camden Market. Now I'll admit that I was not really that interested in seeing Camden Market. AMH had done a little research (I still think it was because he likes Amy Winehouse so much!) and said it looked like a "cool" place to see. Well... he was right and I was wrong! Camden Market is a very "cool" (does anyone say cool anymore?) place to see and shop. Oh the shopping! Let's take a little tour and you can see for yourself.

We started our tour of Camden Market in Stables Market (there are six market areas within Camden Market) is an eclectic group of vendors selling clothing, antiques, odd and ends and food. 

Stables Market is where the Amy Winehouse statue is located. The statue was unveiled two years ago and has attracted many fans, I waited for a group of girls to finish taking selfies before snapping this photo. Many fans bring colourful bracelets to add to the statue. I'll admit I was not a fan of her's while she was alive, but my husband was. I only recently started listening to her "Back to Black" album but I did always like her version of "Valerie". I have not seen the recent documentary "Amy" but AMH and The Oldest saw it and loved it. 

A beautiful clock with the year Stables Market was founded, 1849. 

It seems that Camden Town has quite the musical history. While peaking in and out of vendor stalls we came across this tiny blue sign stating that John Lennon once lived in this space. 

If you are a vintage clothing lover (I know I am!) then this is THE place in London to shop. The shop on the left had the most wonderful assortment of coats and the shop on the right was more 70's style dresses and shirts. I'm seriously smarting over not buying that blue coat.

Fleming Antiques had some incredibly interesting pieces outside...

But that was nothing compared to inside! They had some spectacular blue and white ginger jars (I'm an avid collector of blue and white). I wish that airlines didn't have overage charges so I could have brought all of these home with me! 

There are aisles after aisles after aisles of food vendors in Camden Market. Here you can find every single variety of food offered. Looking for thai, they have it. Ethiopian? No problem. Mexican, si! The smell was intoxicating! I made AMH a promise that when we go back to London that we can stay in Camden Market for a few days (and eat until we burst!). By then I should have figured out a way to get all that blue and white shipped back home to Canada!