Hard Days Night Hotel, Liverpool

After saying goodbye to family in Glasgow we headed to our next destination, Liverpool. We choose to stop in Liverpool as it was the halfway point to London. We were really looking forward to our first hotel stay of this UK trip and quickly made the decision to stay with Hard Days Night Hotel, Liverpool. Since we were staying in the home of The Beatles, we figured we should go all out! 

As for my usual criteria of picking a hotel, the TripAdvisor reviews looked good, the photos of the rooms were stylish and the social media team was active and engaged with followers. We checked in early, which was not a problem, and immediately toured our Luxury Room. Come along with me! 

A comfortable bed dressed in luxurious linens, with a portrait of The Fab Four. The rectangular boxes on either side of the pillows is the light controls. Genius! We didn't have to get out of bed to turn the lights on or off. 

The English really get that we need our tea and biscuits! I was beyond happy to make myself a wee cuppa and just relax.

After making my tea I saw the size of the bathtub and decided that a giant bubblebath was in order! Seriously, a 6 foot tall person could lay down in this tub. The bathroom was also equipped with a separate standing shower that could accommodate rather tall individuals. When your hubby is 6 feet tall, this is a huge bonus! After a quick rest we set off to see the rest of the hotel. 

The lobby is chic and minimalist, until you look up! The entire ceiling is covered in hanging music sheets!

The lit yellow submarine jukebox in the reception area really caught the eye! 

There are photos of the fab four throughout the hotel. What I really liked about the selections is they are photos that I think are less famous so it felt like at every turn you were seeing something new like this vintage photo of McCartney, Lennon and Harrison with two other chaps from their early days.

The spiral staircase from our floor leading to the lobby had concert and personal photos of The Beatles.

The Lounge & Bar is located just off the reception area (there is a wall of memorabilia to maintain privacy).

You can choose to sit on the plush tables at the tall pub tables closest to the bar (it's fun to watch the bartenders mix up drinks!) or opt for more traditional setting in a private alcove. 

We purchased the hotel package that included breakfast at the adjoining restaurant, Blakes. It was a pretty restaurant with traditional English breakfast items served buffet style.  

A few more Beatles themed items in the restaurant. 

A very tasty full English breakfast. Well, no beans or tomatoes because that's not my thing. 

So here's my very unscientific five point rating of Hard Days Night, Liverpool

Stylish hotel - yes
Clean and comfortable beds - yes
Good location to see the city - yes
Active and responsive to guests on social media - yes
Would I stay here again - yes

There you have it, 5 stars in my books!

One thing I would like to note is that while this is a themed hotel, it is not overpowering. They have found a way to incorporate Beatles memorabilia without it being garish. If you have no interest in The Beatles, I still think you would enjoy the hotel. 

After breakfast we ventured out to see a few more sites before departing for London. I'll be posting our "24 Hours in Liverpool" Monday and you will for sure want to tune into that to see what giant, hilarious mistake I made in Liverpool!