Holiday Inn Downtown Rochester

In yesterday's post I shared our visit to the Rochester Red Wings and how we were delayed on our road trip due to some car troubles. Well after a few hours delay, we finally made it to our hotel for the night, the Holiday Inn Downtown Rochester

We checked in, which was fast and efficient, and dropped our bags in our room. We snapped a few pictures and then walked to Frontier Field. The front desk gave us directions to walk and it could not be easier! It took us maybe 5 minutes.

*Tip* Inquire before booking about any special offers for Rochester Red Wings visitors. Many area hotels will offer a special rate for fans of their local sports team.

I've met a few people over the years that travel to Rochester from Ontario, Canada for business. This hotel would be perfect for business travellers! The hotel is right downtown and they have an excellent business centre. They also have a pool, which since we were delayed, we were unfortunately not able to use. 

The bed was a welcome site after the loooong day we had. The alarm clock on the bedside was a CD player! I had a good chuckle about this one since you don't see many CD players anymore. I made sure to bring up Adele's 25 (which I bought on CD of course!)

Truth time -- I am a fussy sleeper. I shared in this blog post how I travel with my own special pillow. Well I have been finding that hotels have really stepped up their pillow game and I am no longer travelling with my pillow. So I guess leaving my pillow at the hotel was a good thing! Having a pillow selection at the Holiday Inn just made me love them all the more. Because I am a side sleeper I need a firm pillow. This fills in the space between your shoulder and chin. I used the soft pillow to elevate my knee (which I do every night at home) to help align my hips. This is very important for side sleepers! Not only is it more comfortable but it keeps your body aligned. This helps with breathing and to prevent pain. In case you were not already aware, I am totally obsessed with sleeping!

A nice chair for sitting and a full length mirror! Seeing the mirror reminded me that I have yet to put one up in my bedroom. For shame! 

We had an excellent view of the Genesee River and a Keurig with different teas and coffees (the room also had a bar fridge and microwave). I can't believe how quickly Keurig took over the hospitality industry! Over the last few months every hotel I have stayed at has one. I'm going to start bringing my own Kcups with my when I travel. 

The location could not be more perfect. There is a Dunkin Donuts across the street, we walked to the Rochester Red Wings game, around Downtown and found a Scottish pub (how random is that?) and in the morning headed to Victor, NY to the Eastview Mall (they have a HUGE L.L.Bean store).

Onto my famous hotel rating system (its not famous but a girl can dream!)

Stylish hotel - yes
Clean and comfortable beds - yes
Good location to see the city - yes
Active and responsive to guests on social media - yes
Would I stay here again - yes

A 5 star rating!

Our visit to the Holiday Inn Downtown Rochester was short but lovely and we look forward to seeing them again! 

Special thanks to Joanne and the entire team at the Holiday Inn Downtown Rochester for making our stay a lovely one.