K+K Hotel George, London

When we stayed in London last month we choose to stay in the beautiful residential area of Kensington. AMH suggested the K+K Hotel George, London and after a quick TripAdvisor review we decided this was the place for us! After checking in, which had a minor hiccup I will cover at the bottom of this review, we headed to our room to drop off our bags. 

Y'all know how important a hotel bed is to me! I own one from the Sheraton Sweet Sleeper line, and swear by it. This bed was very comfortable but a little lower to the ground than I was used to. No problem, just took a day to get used to plopping on the bed! The pillows were absolutely wonderful. I am a little like the Princess and the pea and can be very fussy about my comfort. I actually bring my own special pillow for sleeping and accidentally left it in the hotel in Liverpool. I was so worried how I would cope without my pillow (I usually wake up with neck pain without it) and I can honestly tell you I didn't miss it at all! 

The bathroom - the one area fellow reviewers we unimpressed with. Yes the bathroom was small, only a standing shower and no bathtub, but I think you have to keep in mind that you are in Central London and everything here is smaller than you would find in North America. The bathroom was well stocked with fresh towels and lovely smelling toiletries. 

Best part of British hotels - fully stocked tea bar with milk instead of cream and cookies!

My favourite part of this hotel was the view from the room. During a particularly rainy morning, I enjoyed my tea and jaffa cakes while writing a card to send to my mom. 

Again, that view was just amazing. I'm so thankful we stayed on a nice, quiet street. 

Let's take a look around the hotel now, shall we?

Incredible orchid arrangements in the hotel lobby. 

Sitting area just off the bar... 

which is howI found the prettiest little side street to take last Friday's fashion post

I loved the grey couch, purple pillows and abstract artwork. It was bright in the mornings and wonderfully cozy and warm in the evening. 

The outdoor area was absolutely lovely and made for a nice place to enjoy my tea early in the morning (shared that on this blog post). 

A slightly odd thing about the hotel - you have to turn in your hotel key every time you leave the hotel and ask for it back when you return. I've not experienced this before and found it a little odd. 

The hotel is situation on the Piccadilly Line of the London Tube. Earl's Court is your stop and the hotel is maybe a block away. We used the tube to and from the airport and even with carrying so much luggage (I swear I packed lighter for this trip than any previous one!) it was an easy journey. We bought Oyster cards from the British Tourism website before our stay so once we were in London we hit the ground running and didn't have to wait in line to purchase one.

So here's my very unscientific five point rating of the K+K Hotel George, London

Stylish hotel - yes
Clean and comfortable beds - yes
Good location to see the city - yes
Active and responsive to guests on social media - no
Would I stay here again - yes

A 4 star rating! 

I was a little disappointed with the social media team. I always like to interact with the team and get tips on our destination. I reached out multiple times via social media and email and unfortunately did not hear from anyone at the hotel. I think we still did a great job of navigating the city but some restaurant recommendations sure would have helped.

When we booked the hotel we saw on the website and Expedia (my favourite travel booking site) that breakfast was included in our stay. Once we checked in and inquired, we were told that breakfast was not included. We pressed and showed our reservation confirmation but the front desk said it was not included, and provided no explanation as to why. This is one of those instances when having an engaged social media team would have helped. We ended up eating outside the hotel for the three days we stayed there. The last few TripAdvisor reviews all raved about the included breakfast but I cannot speak to it. If you run into the same situation as we did, all I can recommend asking for the manager to verify (we did not do that but should have.) 

If you choose to stay at the K+K Hotel George, London let me know how your stay is! If you've already stayed, did you get the breakfast? :)