Les Misérables London

On our last night in London we decided to do something really special - we headed to London's West End to see Les Misérables! 

Now, hold on to your hats people but I have never seen Les Mis before! I know, I know. Somehow it slipped through the cracks and the opportunity never came up. Well since we were in London and this is the most famous showing of Les Mis, we figured we better not let this opportunity slip by! I should mention that AMH has seen it multiple times and has always said I would love it (spoiler - he was right!). I bought a package of wine gums which seems like the thing to do when you see a show. I wonder why wine gums are the official candy of the theatre?

We arrived at The Queen's Theatre early enough to do a little looking around and had time for a drink (or two). Just a little tip for my fellow champagne lovers  -they serve it by the glass!

While we made our way from the bar area to our seats, we passed this vintage poster of Les Mis.

We found our seats inside The Queen's Theatre and instantly looked up...

because that ceiling is drop dead gorgeous! 

The architectural details inside the theatre are stunning. The balconies are covered in intricate molding and it appears great care was taken in choosing lighting to illuminate the best features. 

The lights came down, the music started and the actors took their place. For the next three hours we were transported to France in 1815. "Les Misérables tells an enthralling story of broken dreams and unrequited love, passion, sacrifice and redemption – a timeless testament to the survival of the human spirit." See the full synopsis here.

Jean Valjean (24601) - Incredibly played by Peter Lockyer. We follow his journey from young prisoner to the end of his life as an old man. The costumes and make up are spot on but it really is Lockyer's portrayal that draws you in and you forget that he really didn't just age in front of your eyes. 

Enjolras - Played by Bradley Jaden, who quite sadly has departed the cast of Les Mis this week. Jaden's performance and voice were so strong, he was actually mine, and my husband's, favourite actor in the play. 

Fantine - Rachelle Ann Go is a big star in the Philippines and I can see why! Such a powerful voice out of such a little body! She brought many a tear to the eye when she sang "I dreamed a dream".

Thénardier & Madame Thénardier - Hilariously played by Phil Daniels and Katy Secombe. They had the crowd laughing and dancing in their seats (Remember that Seinfeld when George couldn't stop signing Master of the house?) 

Javert - Jeremy Secomb scored that largest round of applause from the audience and it was well deserved. We expected great things from this actor. Before we attended the performance we did a little reading and his past credits are more than impressive. With performances in The Phantom of the Opera and Sweeney Todd and all the amazing reviews he received, we knew we were in for a treat. He did not disappoint and I believe that people out on the street must have been able to hear his powerful voice.

All cast photos via LesMis.com. Photos of cast by Johan Persson. Copyright CML.

I can honestly say I have never seen a better theatre performance in my life. Our trip to London was full of so many wonderful moments but this really was a stand out moment in the trip. Not only did it make a good excuse to get dressed up and spend some quality time together as a couple, but how grown up do you feel talking about a theatre performance after seeing it? Come on, admit it. It just feels so civilized to have an adult conversation that doesn't start and end with "the kids made this mess" or "the car made this funny sound".  

Les Misérables celebrated 30 years in London last October. In fact, the London production of Les Mis is the world's longest running musical! It doesn't feel like a 30 year old production. The sets and theatre are well cared for and the cast truly gives their all. We visited on a Thursday night and I felt like the cast was signing their hearts out! 

If you have not seen Les Misérables London I highly recommend you do! If you have, what was your favourite part? I have to say the "Master of the House" scene was a favourite of mine. I loved the song and the comedy of it all! 

Many thanks to Cathy and VisitBritain for the incredible tickets. We had a fabulous time and appreciate you hosting us! xx