I was originally going to call this blog post "24 hours in Liverpool" but after some reflection, I don't think we were even there a full 24 hours. So, I'm just calling it Liverpool and leaving it at that. We knew the drive from Glasgow to London was going to be a long one, almost seven hours. We decided to break up that trip and choose Liverpool as the place to stop in. I can't take the credit for this one, the husband looked it up and read that this is the place to be right now. It's a young, vibrant city with a waterfront and some beautiful architecture. I was sold so we added it to our #UKRoadTrip. 

After checking into the Hard Days Night Hotel, we went out in search of something to eat and to see as much of the city was we could. I figured we would end up seeing a lot of Beatles stuff when we spotted this John Lennon statue on the corner of our hotel. 

We decided to spend the afternoon at the waterfront. There is a wide assortment of things to do here like hoping on one of the many cruises or visiting museums. 

We decided to just take a nice stroll along the water since we had been sitting for so many hours in the car. 

Off in the distance we saw the giant ferris wheel and decided to head in that direction.

We happened to pass a very colourful carousel on the way (too bad it was closed).

Another view of the ferris wheel off in the distance. This area was quite nice as there were many beautiful boats docked here and lots of shops, restaurants and bars. 

The Mermaid House is part of the Merseyside Maritime Museum which has free admission. Unfortunately for us they close at 5 pm and we just missed them. The museum is rather large and looks like a great way to spend the day. They have exhibits on the Titanic, Lusitania and life at sea. 

The Wheel of Liverpool. For only £9 a person we were able to get some great views of Liverpool. We were also using this as a way to try and get used to the idea of large ferris wheels since we pre booked the London Eye and were maybe a little nervous about going on it. The pods on this one are small and they have benches so there is no standing, which I preferred. But...when the wind blew it rocked. I think for the first three times around I wanted to be sick. We didn't move while inside because we were so freaked out. I posted this photo on Instagram of us smiling but it was a total lie. We both just wanted off that thing as fast as possible. I think it's totally weird that we both love roller coasters, the faster the better, but we don't like ferris wheels. 

It was getting to dinner time but our stomachs were not settled enough from the ferris wheel so we did a little more walking and happened on this mini Titanic replica and a yellow submarine which is an apartment you can rent. 

My favourite part of Liverpool was the shopping. Liverpool ONE is this great open air shopping centre, the closest to a North American mall that I saw on our whole UK trip. It was about this time that I fell in love with bunting.

And then I fell in love with some new British fashion at John Lewis and Debenhams. Somerset by Alice Temperley is just gorgeous but the exchange will get you every time. The Pound to Canadian dollar conversion made me think hard about every purchase and sadly I left without one of everything in this colourful collection.  

Our stomachs settled long enough to have some dinner. We decided to try some Caribbean cuisine at Turtle Bay on Victoria St. We both had jerk chicken, which was delicious, and we split the Cayman rum cake and ice cream and the bartender whipped up this chocolate mint cocktail. All cocktails were 2 for 1 and we were able to try a few different ones.


After walking off our dessert we headed to The Cavern Club, which is the birthplace of The Beatles. 

The club is underground, there is a bit of walking down a winding staircase.

A view of the interior of The Cavern Club. 

A band about to perform. 

We didn't stay at The Cavern Club long as we couldn't find a place to sit so we headed out to the Cavern Walks to find a pub. There were a lot of pubs to choose from, this is basically a lane-way of pubs! See the sign? Only £1.65 for a pint. This is why everyone goes to pubs in the UK, it's cheap! Back in North America you are lucky if you can get a beer for under $10 at a bar! 

We settled on a pint in an old Irish bar. If I'm being perfectly honest, I don't like British beer and I left half of this one the table. I prefer my beer to have carbonation in it. By this time is was getting late and we headed back to the Hard Days Night hotel and called it a night.

The nest morning we made one last stop in Liverpool before we set out to London - the famous Abbey Road. We were only mildly interested in seeing it but after some encouragement from my mom over Facebook messenger that night, we decided to add it to the GPS. It was in a rough looking part of town. The store front buildings were crumbling and it really didn't look like the kind of place that tourists come to often. 

I was a little nervous to even stand there in case a brick fell on my head! We snapped this photo quickly, got back in our car, and headed to London. 

Fast forward two weeks and it was sort of nagging me that this street was really nothing to look at so I googled it. And found out that the famous Abbey Road is NOT in Liverpool. It's in London. And while I was in London, I was right beside it and had no idea. 

Clearly I don't know my Beatles history (frankly, I barely know their music) and I suspect others do not as well since every time we told someone we were headed to Liverpool they all said "get your photo at Abbey Road". Now, either everyone was playing a cruel joke on us or everyone assumed it was in Liverpool! 

And this is why you should always do your research! Oh well, stupid mistakes aside it was a nice but short visit to Liverpool. If we ever visit again we will probably just end up on one of the tour buses and let the guide tell us what we need to know.