London Eye Champagne Experience

During a particularly rainy afternoon in London we headed to the London Eye to take part in their Champagne Experience. AMH bought this for us as a special surprise. The surprise part is that neither of us like ferris wheels! But it's an iconic attraction in London so we thought we would give it a try and you could get me on anything by offering champagne! 

As part of the London Eye Champagne Experience you start in the Pommery Lounge on the second floor of the building. We ordered our tickets off Expedia and had to book a time when we arrived at the ticket booth. Luckily we were able to get the first appointment of the day, 11 am, since we were up early to make it to the attraction. The lounge area is nice and I can imagine this being a really fun place to hang out at sundown. There were not too many people, ourselves included, that were partying at 11 am. 

In the lounge you can order drinks or even purchase some Pommery to take home. I posted to Instagram a photo of a little bottle of Pommery with a Union Jack that AMH bought me to take home. It was nice to be able to sit in the lounge before our host came to take us to the eye. Mostly because it was raining but if it were at night and the bar was filled it would be a lot of fun. 

Once everyone has arrived for the booked time slot, there are other people who will be taking part of the Champagne Experience, they take you out to the London Eye and you jump the queue through the Fast Track entrance. You do go through a security check at this point and they confiscated the little bottle of champagne I just got. Not to worry, they locked it up and gave me a ticket to pick it up after the ride. Once everyone is ready, it is time to board! The wheel never stops turning so you need to be quick to get one when the doors open. The ride is pretty slow moving so you don't need to go all James Bond.

And here's the champagne in the Champagne Experience! Everyone on board is given one glass of champagne by our host. She also brought orange juice and Coca Cola for those who felt it was too early in the morning. 

Cheers to being on holidays and it being socially acceptable to day drink!

Our pod had roughly 15 people on it and we had lots of room to move around to take whatever photos we wanted. You can see from the pod in front of us that they are rather large and can fit quite a few people.

Big Ben and the House of Commons in the rain.

That's Buckingham Palace in the middle of all those trees. I have to say that for two people who do not like ferris wheels, we liked this one. There is no swaying in the wind, it moves slow and steady and is fully enclosed, which made us both feel safe and secure. 

So the question AMH asked me after we left and that I am sure you are wondering too is, was the London Eye Champagne Experience worth it? 

Well according to the website the champagne experience is almost £20 more per person then the regular fare (we didn't pay that much, book through Expedia to save). For the additional money you get fast tracked and jump the queue, a glass of champagne, a personal London Eye host, plus all the interactive stuff in the main building like a 4D movie.

We were on vacation and it's something we knew we would only do once so yes, I think it was worth it. If I lived in London or nearby, I would just stick with the regular experience and use the savings to buy your own glass of champagne. 

Have you been on the London Eye? What did you think about the ride?