Sofitel London Heathrow

One our last day in London we checked into the Sofitel London Heathrow. We had an early morning flight home and since one of us is not a morning person (*cough* that would be me) we decided to book the hotel that is attached to Heathrow Airport. 

What a welcome reception! Stunning water features, crystal hanging from the ceiling and fresh flowers everywhere. Check in was very quick and easy. We were given the keys to our room and were given a quick lay of the land by the friendly staff. 

We found our room easily and instantly felt relaxed. After our jam packed vacation, we were both looking forward to a little luxury before we headed back to reality. This bed was so comfy we may have laid down for a little afternoon nap. We walked all over London for three days and by the time we checked into the Sofitel, we were exhausted. 

I'm sure my design friends could tell you and me the style of this chair and footrest but all I know is I loved it and I want one for my room!

Before we checked in we grabbed some lunch and snack items from Marks & Spencer (probably the place I miss the most since returning home). It was also a nice spot to sit and enjoy the last day with the peony I bought in Chelsea. 

Just a humble little bathroom... with a giant bathtub, luxurious robe and a tv mounted into the mirror! New life goal, get a tv in the bathroom so I can watch while swimming in the bathtub (also, get a bigger bathtub for home!)

The bathroom also had a stand alone shower, much to the delight of my husband, AMH.

Little touches always get me right in the feels. I loved the polished silver bottle opener mounted on the inside of the bathroom, right off the beverage area. Seriously considering adding one of these to my kitchen!

Speaking of the beverage area, a very well stocked selection of Twinnings. I forgot to bring my sleepy time tea with me and I was so happy to see there was one in the bunch.

But enough about tea, the Sofitel has a champagne bar! The Perrier-Jouet Bar is decorated in greens and golds, matching the bottles of Perrier-Jouet.

You can sit and enjoy a glass, or two or three, of champagne or have the bartender mix up a cocktail. I was especially enamoured with this travelling case of champagne and flutes. It would definitely elevate my usual picnic food and supplies!

The Sofitel has not one but two different bars! The Sphere Bar and Lounge is the perfect place to sit with some snacks and a drink. We happened upon this Reserved table and I just had to snap a photo of these amazing chairs. 

The Sofitel's social media team is on the ball! I messaged them via Twitter to inquire about last minute dinner ideas and they suggested the hotel's restaurant Vivre, which turned out to be the best meal we had in London! 

I had the butter chicken and it was amazing! It had the perfect amount of spice to make it hot without burning your mouth. AMH had the pizza (which he raved about) and we both had a little chocolate dessert.  The social media team even sent over a glass of wine for the husband and I to toast our last night in London. Cheers!

So here's my very unscientific five point rating of the Sofitel London Heathrow

Stylish hotel - yes
Clean and comfortable beds - yes
Good location to see the city - yes
Active and responsive to guests on social media - yes and double yes!
Would I stay here again - yes

A 5 star rating! Actually I'll give them a 6 because this is my rating system and I can! :D 

This may have been my first visit to London but I can guarantee it will not be the last. I look forward to staying at the Sofitel London Heathrow again on our next London adventure!