When In Doubt, Wear Pink!

pink trench

I had one of those mornings yesterday, you know the kind. You still can't believe Monday is here already and you just can't seem to get it together. Pre-caffeine I stood in my hallway trying to decide if I would need a jacket to go outside or not. Well when in doubt, wear pink! I instantly grabbed my pink trench and I was out the door. Turned out to be the right decision because while it was warm later in the day, the morning was cool and damp. 

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spring style

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Another moment that really made me happy about selecting my pink trench for the day was the compliment I received. Two gentlemen that I have worked with for many years said they thought it was a great coat and that they loved the pink colour! Now I need to let you know that I work in IT and even these guys seemed shocked to be so interested in fashion! Always remember that if someone is wearing something really nice, make sure you let them know. It will surely make their day! 

Something I have been thinking about a lot, and especially as I was darting into the office for a 9am meeting Monday morning, is just how many people are doing the same thing as I am - getting up every morning to tackle a full time job, and then coming home to take care of their family and start work on their side hustle. I have been listening to a great variety of podcasts where many business owners talk about how they managed those early years of starting a business while still holding down a full-time job to provide for their family. Watch for a future blog post where I will share all the podcasts that I have found helpful as a budding entrepreneur. I'm very fortunate that I am in position where I actually enjoy my full-time job and am currently happily managing both, but at times it does present some challenges. 

I would love to be able to take photos of my outfits, decorating, and photos for my Instagram early in the morning but not only do I have to be at work, my stable of photographers are all busy as well! My husband works and the kids are off to catch the bus so we try and work around it. I can't photograph every outfit I pull together. Instead, I try and capture the best of my week. The photos in this post were taken Monday after work, after driving The Youngest to one of his three weekly music lessons! Thank goodness The Oldest drives him to the other two lessons or I would just have to change my name to Uber. My weekends are spent creating content for the blog, like taking flat lay photos and writing articles I think readers would find interesting, and somewhere in there I find time to relax. I am truly passionate about the art of living which is why working on a lifestyle blog feels less like work and more like fun! Sure, I still cringe when taking photos outside with bystanders watching, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. And I guess that's when you know you are doing the right thing, when you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone to satisfy your businesses need. 

I truly love my blog and would love to grow it and take in into exciting new directions. I have a million and a half ideas and tips to share with you, dear reader. This is a new age of women and men who work full-time and want simple and easy ways to care for their family and home. Home-keeping doesn't mean you need to stay at home, we just need faster and simpler solutions! Time is a precious commodity and while we would all love to eat all organic, gluten-free, gourmet meals every night, sometimes you just need to break down and make english muffin pizzas because they are quick and secretly, you know you love them! All this to say that in addition to sharing my love of creating outfits, I also want to provide a type of service to those starting their first job, setting up their first home, or those just looking for a little bit of attainable inspiration. I'm expanding my blog to highlight the art of living for a new generation. A little Celebrating This Life, if you will. My blog name has always served as a reminder to strive to make each moment in life special, and I hope to instill that in you as well. 

Exciting changes are coming, and I hope you'll come along for the ride! xx

P.S. If you are currently working on a side hustle, or have expanded into making it your full-time gig, share the link in the comments below so I and other readers can check you out! 

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