Hats Off To Summer

summer hat

If I told you that I was a big hat person, you'd believe me right? It's true, I am never far from a hat and let me tell you why I think you should be, too! 


Oversized Panama Hat (Target shared my photo! So exciting!)

What ever happened to the era of hats? If you look through clothing styles through each decade, starting in the 1900's, everyone was wearing a hat. Men and women had the most stylist chapeaux to wear everyday and not just for special occasions. Some think that hat wearing just went out of fashion, others blame John F. Kennedy for being the first President to not wear a top hat on his first day and this funny article blames Ike Eisenhower (you have to read why, it actually makes sense!) Whatever the reason, we need to bring hats back. 

vineyard vines

Personally I find them stylish and I haven't met a person that doesn't look good in a hat. They are a fabulous accessory and most importantly, they protect your skin from harmful sun rays. In every make up and skin care routine post I write, I am telling you to use SPF and stay out of the sun. Well, hats are one way I keep the sun from damaging my skin! 

There are so many to choose from; ball caps, wide brimmed hats, fancy fascinator types for special occasions, the possibilities are endless! I've rounded up a few of my favourites and I encourage you to help bring hats back! 

summer hats

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Ball caps, everyday sun hats, wide brim beach hats and a few hats for garden parties or other special occasions. The best part? They are all well under $100 meaning you can pick up more than one!