Orange in Otesaga


Spending the afternoon at The Otesaga Resort Hotel in Cooperstown, NY was an absolute treat! Our road trip adventure took us near Cooperstown and since AMH and I are such BIG baseball fans, we couldn't help but make a detour to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. But I had something else up my sleeve and it had been brewing ever since I first found out about The Otesaga over 15 years ago.


Orange in Otesaga

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old navy

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Old Navy dress


The Otesaga

The Otesaga

Our lunch view, Blackbird Bay on Lake Otesaga

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I don't usually share my food pics but this turkey sandwich with sweet potato fries was so delicious I just had to share!


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I love planning vacations. I think a lot of the pleasure I get from travelling happens before we even leave on the actual vacation! But not all of those plans end up happening. I'll plan a whole getaway, complete with hotel finds, restaurant selections and attractions and sometimes for one reason or another (timing, funds, something else more important pops up) that vacation was to be shelved for another day. One of those vacations that frequently ended up being shelved was a trip to Cooperstown. 

When my boys were very young, back in the day when planning a vacation meant leafing through printed travel guides, I came across a hotel, The Otesaga, and their Thanksgiving weekend event. I'm not sure they still do this but there was a package vacation you could book for your family over the Thanksgiving weekend (American Thanksgiving) that included your stay, meals and special activities like crafts, Santa visits and cookies and movie night for all the little ones. Since my favourite holiday is Thanksgiving (both Canadian and American) It quickly jumped to the top of my hotel bucket list. 

We've been so close to booking so many times throughout the years but things kept popping up and my family and I kept promising to "make it happen next year". Well, it kept happening and the kids got older and they just were not interesting in staying at a resort and sitting on Santa's knee (damn teenagers :D). But don't feel bad for me, that's not why I tell you this tale. I tell you this so you will know exactly how much I had built up this place in my mind (which I have a terrible habit of doing) and just how high my expectations were. 

On our road trip through the Hudson Valley we knew that on our journey home we would pass by Cooperstown and thought this make a great stop for the afternoon. While we already had a hotel booked for the night, I just knew I had to find a way to at least see this hotel that I have wanted to visit for 15 years. I googled their restaurants and found that they offer a casual dining experience, The Hawkeye Bar & Grill, with a beautiful outdoor patio overlooking Otesaga Lake. Perfect. We'd spend some time walking around the Baseball Hall of Fame and head to the hotel for lunch. Oh, and we'd snap a few outfit photos for my blog (I'm constantly sneaking those in on our trips!) 

I'm not even going to try keeping you in suspense about what I thought, it was perfect. Everything I imagined it would be and more (ok so I didn't get to see it decorated for the holidays, which I'm sure is spectacular) The food was outstanding, the decor is everything you'd want in a country manor, and the people. I can't even begin to tell you how nice everyone was. I constantly have a phone or my DSL camera in my hand and staff we so helpful in helping me get the best shots. 

After our lunch and walk around outside, I just had to see what the interior looked like. We walked around the common areas and hung out for a bit in the main lobby using their free wi-fi. We stopped at the gift shop and I can tell you right now that we are both regretting not buying one of their incredibly soft, grey throw blankets (my family and I are a little too obsessed with throw blankets). 

While we didn't get a chance to stay the night I sure am glad we stopped by for the afternoon. I'll just have to plan a return trip to stay another time! Now that our boys are older and don't travel with us as often as they used to, I now have to come up with another vision in my head about what a stay here might look like. Instead of staying with kids and having holiday adventures, I'm thinking a romantic stay in the early fall to view the foliage, or a spring getaway to enjoy the blossoms! 

As for my outfit, I bought this Old Navy orange graphic print dress a while back and just love the fit and feel. It's a soft cotton and is just like wearing a tshirt! The day of our visit was warm, muggy and windy thanks to a little thunder storm that was rolling in (we actually watched lightening strike across the lake while eating lunch!) which is why halfway through these photos my hair ended up in a pony tail. Hair, wind and lipstick does not mix. The struggle is real! Converse runners and dresses are such a popular combo right now and thank the good lord because like is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes. With so much walking planned for our day, I'm glad I ditched wearing cute sandals and wore these instead. 

What places are on your hotel bucket list, I'd love to check them out and add them, too!