Early Mornings With The Dogs


The early risers in the house are not me, my husband or my kids, it's the dogs! The second the sun is up they are ready to start their day and go for a walk. Normally I try to quiet them so I can catch a few more zzzz's but on the weekend, it's the perfect excuse to go for a Starbucks run! 


fall outfit

old navy

fall outfit

bernese dogs

fall ootd


Jacket | Shorts (old)
Sweater (similar from the same brand) | Shoes | Purse (similar)

I know, it's cliche. The second the cool air starts to settle in everyone runs to Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Who am I to think I am better? Of course I've already had a few PSL's (I take mine with no whip and sometimes I ask for half sweet) and when I mention Starbucks to the dogs, they are ready to go. 

My local Starbucks is the cutest little shop and is always filled with the nicest staff. During the holidays they get extra nice and I seriously envy their work environment. They get to listen to Christmas music all day long, chatting with patrons, and I'm sure they get as much coffee as they can possibly drink! The staff at my Starbucks also love seeing the dogs, I mean who wouldn't? Sometimes they have little snacks for them and the dogs sure do love the attention. 

My boy Colton is a Bernese Mountain Dog and he has to be the friendliest dog around. He got him as a puppy and he was raised with our kids, so I'm not entirely sure he knows he's a dog and not another child. Lily is a Bernese mix and was a farm dog when we got her at 4 years old. She had never been indoors before so we had to teach her how to walk on stairs, on floors and how to behave in a subdivision (she dug a hole under our fence and escaped twice. I had to pick her up at doggy jail once.)

I took these photos with my husband AMH, who is my frequent photographer last weekend. I wanted to capture what I think will be one of the last times that I can get away with wearing shorts. The mornings and evenings are quite cool right now and during the day I manage with jeans. The kids have already handed back their shorts so I can put them into storage. We are all ready to welcome fall here in the Celebrating This Life household! 

You know how they say 'I woke up like this'? well I actually did wake up like this. We were up at 6am, dressed to take the dogs out and worried about showering and dressing later. The dogs won't wait for me if I say I need to do hair and make up for blog photos! I grabbed my favourite high waisted blue checkered shorts that I bought from Old Navy last year. I really wish that when a product is a best seller, they would bring it back the following year! These shorts sold out everywhere and I only happened to get them because I was at Old Navy when someone returned my size, and I bought them right away. This white fisherman style sweater is one of my favourite sweaters because I can wear it in all four seasons and it is just so comfortable! I'll link below to a few styles that are similar that I am thinking of adding to my closet. 

I once read a quote from a Hollywood actress that said something along the lines of when you go outside even if you don't plan on doing your make-up, make sure your hair looks ok and just wear a pair of sunglasses. She was right! No one could tell from these photos that I had just woken up. It was my little secret. Well I'm off. I can hear the dogs calling for a walk and Starbucks sounds pretty good at this hour of the morning. Ta!