Cabana Life Shift Dress

cabana life

I'm so excited to share with you the first of two looks from Cabana Life, the company I introduced you to a few weeks ago, from my vacation in the Bahamas!

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shift dress

spf50+ material

beach vacation clothing

beach clothing

sun protective clothing

How incredibly beautiful is this dress?!?!?! When I first saw it I thought it just screamed warm weather, which made it perfect for the Bahamas. I tried my very best on this trip to pack light and I was able to thanks to wearing this dress three different times. That's right, three! 

The weather could not have been more perfect when we were away (this was a couples trip, left the teenagers at home) which meant a lot of time spent outside. Luckily, I not only had bottles of SPF at the ready (I went through 3 bottles in 7 days!) my dress is crafted of special SPF 50+ material! Double protection! 

Our days generally consisted of a morning of walking and exploring Paradise Island and Nassau, followed by an afternoon at the pool or beach and evenings were spent getting dinner and finding some entertainment. That meant a lot of time in the sun. I'm happy to report that I spent an entire week and never got a single sunburn!

That's huge for me as I usually find myself leaving warm weather vacations with at least a few burns and I owe it to Cabana Life. It's not just that their clothing is enhanced with special sun protection, it's their commitment to sharing sun safe information. They've included some great sun safety information on their website and their "4 Tips to Stay Sun Safe" really stuck with me while I was in the Bahamas. 

I wore this dress out one morning while we were picking up coffee and admiring the yachts parked at the Atlantis Resort. I love the design and colours in this dress, I just knew coral and teal would be the right fit for a place as colourful as Bahamas. The dress is made of nylon and spandex making it comfortable and light for higher temperatures. It also fits in all the right places! Pockets on the dress are an added bonus and came in handy for dinners at the resort when all I wanted to carry was my iPhone. 

Funny little story about when I wore this to dinner at the resort, I had not one, not two, but three people stop me to tell me how much they loved this dress and it's colours! It just made my heart sing to not only be wearing a dress that made myself feel great, but it also inspired others! I had so many conversations about dressing in colour (which is my motto!) but the best part was that there is a lot of kindness in strangers. These women didn't have to say anything and yet they felt compelled too. That's the kind of fashion I want to support. The kind that makes you feel good and makes others feel good as well. Fashion should be approachable and it should bring us together and not divide us (ok, end of soap box).

This shift dress also worked as a great beach cover up! I wore it down to the ocean and because of the slick material, when it got wet, it only needed a few minutes in the breeze to be completely dry and ready for the next adventure.