One Item, Two Ways: Duffield Lane Chelsea Dress

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Exploring by day, sunset cocktails by night. This is the tale of how I took one item, Duffield Lane's Chelsea dress, and got two looks out of it while vacationing in the Bahamas.

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Duffield Lane Chelsea Dress

After a few days of resting and relaxing on the beach, it was time to have a little fun. The morning started with a walk around the grounds of the breathtakingly beautiful Ocean Club Four Seasons. The early morning air was cool, well, to the point that a denim jacket was all you needed to prevent a few goosebumps. 

The Versailles Gardens at the Ocean Club made for the perfect spot to take some photos. Our plan for the day was just to wander through the expansive gardens and then walk into town. There was a Dunkin Donuts on Paradise Island that I just had to get to every morning for coffee (I love my Dunkin!) I had read online that you can have your wedding in one of three areas of the Versailles Gardens and I can see why! I, of course, was on the hunt to take some nature photos (I'm always taking photos!) and to capture my morning outfit. 

The lovely team at Duffield Lane was kind enough to send me the Chelsea dress from their just released resort line. After spending the last few months shivering under layers of clothing, I was really looking forward to wearing this dress in the sunshine! The blue, slightly periwinkle colour they call 'iris' really spoke to me. The bright blue sky, the blue ocean, I was really in a blue mood in the best way possible! 

I brought my denim jacket to the Bahamas with me, I actually left my thick winter coat in our car at the airport and wore this on the plane, and I came in really handy for slightly chilly mornings. It paired beautifully with this dress and I know this is an outfit I will be repeating many times over the next few months. White runners were a no brainer. I have made the fatal mistake of thinking I can wear heels, wedges or sandals while walking 10 miles. I have been terribly wrong every time and I just won't be making that mistake again! 

I picked these white Keds up at Winners just before we left. They are actually my first pair of Keds! I was intrigued by the name 'Ortholite' as I am finding I need much more support from my shoes lately. I just love how casual a dress and sneakers look and short, all white runners looked great with this dress! I french braided my hair (quite sloppily I might add, I'm not a braiding expert) because at the time I was in a losing battle to humidity. I added a bandana tie just because I thought it looked cute and the opaque cat eye sunnies had a slightly retro feel that I just loved. A simple tote bag I picked up last minute held my camera equipment, and coffee money, nearby.

When I first saw the Chelsea dress it really screamed dressier occasions so I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could style it in a way that would fit in with my day to day wardrobe. I'm really happy with how this look turned out! It's casual and slightly retro. I also considered wearing gold flats with a white fisherman sweater over top, white sandals and a gold statement necklace and boat shoes, a gold belt, white cardigan and my blue bandana tied around the neck. 

After walking what felt like an eternity (turns out it was a 15 km walking day!) we returned back to our resort (we stayed at the Riu which I will cover in a future post) and started to get ready for our dinner. A quick power nap, a refreshing shower and finally winning the humidity war on my hair, we were ready for sunset cocktails and dinner with a view of the ocean. This dress is so beautiful and so different from anything you see on the market, I really wanted to let it shine for my night look. 

No big necklace, no patterned purse. Just simple matching colour earrings and neutral clutch and wedges. The cotton material is incredibly soft and comfortable, it fits like a dream and the scalloped detailing at the bottom is not only adorable, it hits in just the right place! It swings like a dream when you walk. I really felt like I was getting away with something, all dressed up and feeling this comfortable has to be wrong! 

It's a fun little dress that pulled double duty and took up very little room in my suitcase. Actually, the resort line is full of items just like it such as this peplum top (wear with shorts by day, white jeans at night), this striped dress (beach cover up and dinner appropriate!) or this boat sweater that you can wear in all four seasons with a variety of clothing. You can also check out the new spring line if you're headed somewhere warm or just want to get a jump on spring dressing (I'm antsy too!) There are so many yellows in the line and I love it! I think yellow is such an underused clothing colour, it looks great on every skin tone IMHO.