Borrowing From The Boys

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You never quite know where inspiration will strike you

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Raincoat | Sweater | Bandana (old, similar)
Lipstick (Juiced Up) & Gloss (Passionate Fuchsia) Two colours to create a whole new look!

I find inspiration for outfits in traditional ways like magazines or Pinterest and I also find them in non-traditional ways like seeing a grouping of housewares with complementary colours. My favourite source of outfit inspiration is from movies, especially older ones. Last week on a particularly stormy night, the family and I decided to watch Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds (1963) for probably the millionth time.

In between flinching everytime a bird flies near the screen, I always comment on the outfits. I believe that fashion of the early 60's is timeless and is having a bit of a resurgence in men's fashion in particular. Just take a look at the current style of men's suits. They are wearing every colour except black and the tailoring is quite fitted. So very 60's. On this viewing instead of talking about what Tippi Hendren and Suzanne Pleshette were wearing, I was play close attention to what actor Rod Taylor was wearing.

In one scene he is wearing a white fisherman sweater and a paisley ascot tied around his neck (here's the photo). It was still a little chilly last week thanks to all that rain so I thought this would make a cute outfit for myself! I have a white sweater and a blue bandana, close enough! The Oldest and I stopped at a local trail to work up an appetite (lunch was pizza for him and salad for me). Because the threat of rain was never far, I wore my yellow raincoat that I bought on my trip to Scotland last fall. It's a great raincoat and feels so well made that I'm sure I'll have it for many years to come.

I haven't worn ripped denim since my teens but I took a chance last year and bought a pair. I wouldn't wear them to work or out to dinner but they felt right at home on a trail walk and later cleaning up at home. They're actually pretty comfortable since there's nothing there to restrict you when you bend at the knee. I now have two pairs, both in a stretchy denim to up the comfort factor, but I won't be adding any more pairs. They really are for dressed down outfits and since I usually dress in the exact opposite, two pairs is more than enough. I've been asked in the past do I think there is an age restriction with ripped denim and I don't think there is, I think it's more an issue of time and place. A 90 year old women could make these look stylish with a plaid button down at the cottage. Time and place.

So I'm watching a movie and I decide to steal a little style from the boys. You might be wondering what my next steps are. I mark down all my outfit ideas in the Notes app on my phone. And it's not just because I document my daily style for this blog, I've been doing that for years! I'm the planning type and when I first started a corporate job, I found myself standing in front of my closet and feeling overwhelmed with choice. I'm not a last minute person at all, I find that all too stressful. So when I would have a great idea, or see someone wearing an outfit I thought I could recreate, I would write it down. Writing down helps me to remember so I don't get stumped when I'm in my closet. I also review the outfits on a Sunday night and see what I might like to wear that week, or maybe even remove and outfit that I don't want to try anymore.

It's pretty basic too, which I like because if it wasn't I probably would have given up. As an example, I'm watching this movie and think that Rod Taylor's outfit would work for me. I open my Notes app, click on my file that says "Outfits" and I write down - Fisherman white sweater, blue bandana, jeans, raincoat, runners. A few days later I look at my app for a little inspiration and reading that line, I can picture the outfit in my head. Easy peasy.

The only part that was not so easy was the wind whipping my hair into my lipstick! I was so encouraged by everyone's feedback on my lipstick experiment on a recent Instagram photo that I have been wearing that same look all week! I didn't expect the wind to be as strong as it was, in fact later that day we had an extreme wind warning and at 122 km/h it felt like a tornado ripped through our city. There was quite a bit of damage. Street lights fell, signs were toppled and debris was everywhere. Needless to say that bandana left my neck and was tied into my hair to keep it out of my face.