Cool Girl Style

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What's cool girl style to you?

oxford and jeans

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brooks brothers women's oxford

To me it's simple, clean, classic lines with maybe something a little trendy thrown in. Actually, when I think of cool girl dressing I think "well, what would I wear for a day out in NYC?" Today, I give you my cool girl style. When I want something chic yet easy to wear, I reach for a classic oversized oxford like this dreamy Brooks Brothers one the team sent over for me to try out.

I ordered one size up because instead of going for the fitted look, I wanted something a little baggy and breezy. Remember this Meghan look from last year in Toronto? Definitely cool girl style. My Brooks Brothers oxford is constructed in the USA with super soft pima cotton. It's a wonderful fabric that means that even in some the extreme heat we've been experiencing, I'm still fairly cool in this shirt.

To balance the oversized look, I wear fitted jeans. I try to stay clear of trends and buy classic styles but I will admit I got sucked in (late might I add) to the raw hem denim trend. And I love it! They just scream cool girl. I'll admit that while my style can be lumped into the 'preppy' category I do find that the older I get I'm leaning towards a more grown up version of that. It's hard to put a name to but I like something in the preppy meets cool girl who maybe vacations in the Hamptons but with a little more colour and a lot less of a budget range.

I'm also influenced by dressing for a corporate office. I have been looking at my wardrobe critically lately and have removed a number of things that I was either not really wearing anymore or that I just couldn't wear at home and to the office. I'm trying to save closet space and I really want to use the items I do have in there. While going through my dresses (which embarrassingly took forever #dresslover) I found a dress I bought back in March that I instantly fell in love with, and have only worn once! I had these grand plans for that dress but it got lost somewhere in the rack.

Now my closet is leaner and cleaner and it's helping me pick quick and timeless outfits in the morning. Which is the time of day that I have zero energy or brain power to be picking outfits. And do you know what I have found while dressing in my cool girl outfit?

brooks brothers style

That I don't need to change out of my clothes the second I get home. Yup, that's me after working and running errands all day, sitting on my bed folding laundry and watching the season finale of The Handmaid's Tale 😧 That was a rough ending! 

Oxford shirt | Sunglasses | Loafers (half off right now!) | Purse (this resale site is very reputable) |
Raw hem denim jeans (since it's summer the only jeans available are ripped and have holes. If you're looking for a pair like mine that are more office appropriate check back next month on that same link for the fall releases)