Hand Painted Home Bakery Wooden Sign

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Put your orders in, the Henderson Bakery is open for business! 
I have a terrible habit of thinking up an idea, grabbing the supplies to get it done and then having it sit on my kitchen table for a few weeks until I finally get around to doing it. It's something that I have been working on improving this year and well, I think I just might be cured with this project!

Last week I was tired of staring at a blank bulkhead in my kitchen (that I can't remove until we do a full kitchen reno and that is many, many years out). I had toyed with the idea of an old bakery sign before but in all my antiquing trips I haven't been able to find anything. I have spent the last year redecorating my home and trying to add a little more character to a new build. I have my dining room chairs out being reupolshered right now and I want to get the dining room and kitchen all squared away before they are back at the end of this month. 

I had this vision in my head of an old plank of barn board, a dark stain not a grey tone, that said either 'home bakery', 'Henderson's Home Bakery' or 'Henderson's Bakery'. My Oldest was hanging around the house last Friday just looking to kill some time and I told him my project idea. Before I could finish my last sentence he was already outside and ready to go! 

You see, the place we needed to go to find this barn board is called Timeless Materials Co. in Waterloo, Ont. and it's probably his favourite place to shop! The Oldest enjoyed woodworking in high school and since then has been obsessed with different woods and making things out of them. He, just like his mama, also has an appreciation for salvaged home materials and he and I could spend hours just searching through old windows, corbels, shutters, you name it! 

barn board

So we were off to Timeless Materials Co. with an idea in mind. I told The Oldest what colouring I was looking for an approximate size. He found this great plank of barn board for only $30 (it was also the cheapest piece of barn board, score!) Ummm, excuse my messy island. I really should have tidied up before I snapped photos. Oh well, here's some real life for ya! 

old bakery sign

So to make my sign it was all very scientific. Basically, it was a lot of trial and error 😀

Using Photoshop (you can use Microsoft Word too) I created an 8x11 background (the size of printer paper). Then I search through my available fonts until I found what I wanted. I went with Imprint MT Shadow Regular and changed the font size to 600pt and printed out one letter. 

barn board

I took that to the board I had and started measuring to see if I could get all 18 spaces on the board. The first one didn't fit so I tried a smaller font. That didn't work either. I realized that I wanted the 600pt size but the letters needed to be more narrow. I clicked on the "move tool" and held down CTRL+ALT+SHIFT and using my cursor, I dragged the letter to make it narrower. I printed that one and success! All the letters, punctuation and spaces worked perfectly! 

old signs

Then I got to work printing each letter out. All I did was change the letter in Photoshop, hit print, and then change it to the next letter. Much easier than trying to remember the settings each time.

barn board

Henderson's Bakery is what I decided to go with. I printed out each letter, did a rough cutting job and laid everything out. There was one end of the board that I knew I wanted to cut off so I had to account for that. 

bakery sign for your kitchen

Once everything looked good, I went back over each letter and cut them out very closely. 

barn board

Then using a measuring tape, a ruler and a level, I found where I wanted the letters placed and I taped them down. 

barn board

Using a pen, I traced each letter using a fair amount of pressure to make an indentation into the wood. 

barn board sign

I found a set of watercolour paint brushes in my junk drawer (they are cheap ones from the dollar store) and two leftover cans of white paint. One was actually a can of primer that I used on our front door and shutters when I changed the colour from black to a light blue. I remember the paint being quite thick and with a little grit to it (I guess that's what helps adhesion when you add the next paint colour). I thought those two things would work out well for this project, and I was right! 

home crafts

I wanted this to look like it was an old sign that was on some bakery out in the country. The barn board that I bought was dirty and I left it exactly the way I found it. I figured it would add to the charm. 

Using the smallest tip brush I had, I started painting inside those indents I made with the pen. I wasn't too worried about being right inside the lines because this was going to hang high on a wall and nobody notices that kind of stuff from far away. The paint started as a crisp white, which was not what I wanted. My plan was to sand the lettering down to try and make it look a little more rustic but then the paint started soaking up some of the wood stain and gave it an almost creamy colour. Perfect! 

barn board

I sat at my island drinking beer and listening to records with AMH and The Oldest while painting, the perfect way to spend the Canada Day long weekend! I would guess that between tracing and painting, this took me about two hours. Once I finished, I went over just a few spots to touch them up. I didn't do a second coat because it really had that rustic and old look I was going for.  

Hand Painted Home Bakery Wooden Sign

I put a piece of scotch tape on the place where I wanted the board cut and AMH pulled out his trusty circular saw and got to work while I stood on the other end of the board to hold it down. 


A couple minutes later we placed the board on the spot we wanted to hang it and drilled four screws, two on each side, into the wall with a drill. 

bakery sign

And now we have a sign that looks like it came off an old country bakery. 

bakery sign

It's a reminder that I really should be baking more. 

A new month and a new me. I'm totally cured from leaving half finished projects around the house! 

It helps that this was such an easy and cheap project. The only cost was the $30 to buy the barn board, everything else was already in my house and ready to go. 

Are you thinking that you need a hand painted home bakery wooden sign? Of course you are!