Late Summer with L.L.Bean and Introducing Ivy

l.l.bean late summer sweater

Two very exciting things happened last week. I got a puppy and the Late Summer L.L.Bean catalog arrived!

red sweater Bernese mountain dog puppy

Berner puppy

red sweater with red bandana

Ivy's bandana is handmade

I've been waiting for both of these days for a few months. The summer heat has been fierce and the extreme heat has not only fried my lawn, it's really solidified for me that fall really is my season. Last weekend I was shopping at the L.L.Bean store in Clinton Township, MI with my friend Robin of The Dress Decoded. We both agreed that we love fall for the cooler temperatures and for the fashions (of course!) but she said something else that struck me. She loves the later sunset and long days in the summer. It really made an impression and I realized that late summer is where we get the best of both seasons. Warm days, cool nights and late sunsets.

That also means it's a bit tricky to dress for. It's too hot for cozy sweaters, too cool for shorts and tank tops. These transitional seasons are where I like to bring out clothing items that are easy to layer (think first layer shirts, light cotton long sleeve sweaters) and it's actually the time I do the most clothing shopping. I love living in a place that has four seasons but there is a down side. Four totally different seasons and four transition times. That makes for a lot of clothes!

To save closet space and money, I like to buy classic pieces that will easily integrate with my existing wardrobe. I am always on the hunt for the perfect lightweight long sleeve sweater. Just slightly thicker than a long sleeve shirt and lighter than a traditional winter sweater. I found the perfect one in the L.L.Bean catalog just in time for my new puppy, Ivy to arrive.

Our new 7-week old Bernese Mountain Dog is one cute puppy! Like my other dogs before her, she has been assigned a colour. My cocker spaniel, Shelby wore all pink, my Bernese mix dog, Lily who sadly passed away in March, always wore purple. Now Ivy is wearing all red.

We decided to get a puppy the week before Ivy was born. It was one of those things that just fell into place and felt right. Which is how it was when we picked her up from the breeder. We had a choice out of four girls and from the minute we walked in the door, we knew she was our girl. Knowing that her colour was going to be red, I picked out some red gingham fabric to make her a dog bed and bandana. As soon as I put the bandana on her I knew that I would need a great red late summer sweater to match her!

A week before we picked up Ivy, I found exactly what I wanted (without exactly knowing what I wanted) on page 27, the new Textured Cotton Sweater in Warm Red Heather and it's just as lovely in person as it is in photos. Light enough to wear with shorts during warm days and comfortable with pants as the sun sets. It looks classic with simple jewellery, perfect for days in the office, and I'm excited to try creating some fall outfits with light vests and Bean Boots on weekends out walking with the dogs.

I'm sharing below a few other items that I have on my wish list from the Late Summer L.L.Bean catalog. If you're like me and tend to do more of your shopping this time of year then have I got a surprise for you - there are some major sales happening at L.L.Bean right now! If you have a store near you, there are so great deals to be had. On that shopping trip I mentioned,  Robin scored a great pair of Bean Boots on major clearance and I bought a 3/4 sleeve stripe t-shirt, a new Tervis tumbler and accessories for Ivy. For those who prefer online shopping, for Two days only! 20% Off your order with Promo Code: GET20 - Valid 7/24-7/25 Grab a few late summer transitional items and save!