Leland Gal Roundy Bag

Leland Gal

Can't stop, won't stop showing off my Leland Gal Roundy Bag!

Leland Gal Roundy Bag


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Round bag (c/o) 
Save 15% off your full purchase at Leland Gal using code 'celebratingthislife'
Sweater (old, Old Navy) | Shorts (old Reitman's)

AKA the perfect little bag for summer, late summer and fall, too! I love the citrus and white checkered pattern and how light and easy it is to carry! Summer is the season of easy living and that's what I've been doing with it. Quick trips to the grocery store, I grab my wallet, keys and phone and in the front seat it goes. 

You can order with a long rope handle as well to make it a cross over bag. I opted out only because I have so many crossbodys. Leland Gal has four other colour patterns to choose from, all with cute nautical touches. If you're interested I would encourage you to act quickly, don't forget you save 15% off your full purchase at Leland Gal using code 'celebratingthislife' until August 19th, because these bags have already sold out once this summer and I predict they will again! 

The soft nylon fabric can easily be folded for storage, not that you would want this bag packed away for too long! It's an interesting shape and I was stopped by a number of people in the last few weeks asking about it. It's well made and designed by a female lead team out of Michigan and the price ($48, $56 with optional rope handle) can't be beat! 

I'm all about matching (I think I've mentioned that a few times here before 😉) and this citrus roundy bag matched the deep coral in my boat sweater. I get so many DM's and emails about this boat sweater, it's unreal! It is super cute so I totally get it. The only downside is it is a very old Old Navy item that sadly they have never brought back. I know because I watch for something similar every season. 

While I like to have a classic wardrobe, I do think we all need to have a little fun from time to time. I recommend that everyone have one shirt in a slightly fun and silly pattern or character on it, just to remind ourselves to not take fashion too seriously.