My New Home Office

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Welcome to my new home office, a light and bright room to (hopefully) get a lot of work done!

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The Oldest has moved into college residence and The Youngest has taken over his old, larger room, leaving us with the smallest room in our three bedroom house. The small room was just a touch too small for a growing teenage boy, but it's just the right size for a home office! 

My previous home office was a space set up inside my bedroom (you can see it here) and after working five steps away from my bed for two years, I was in need of a change. I started to feel like I never left my bedroom! Now I have a bright work space that is a whole room away from my bed and I am loving every minute of it. Let me take you on a little tour of this space. 

working from home


celebrating this life



blue and white

small rooms

I removed the bifold door and decided to leave the closet open and paint the closet interior the same colour as the walls. It helped make the room seem slightly bigger. 

home office

I bought a few baskets to keep some items out of sight, like camera equipment and household bills. Eventually I would like to have built in shelves for this closet. A possible future improvement. 


Colton is my constant companion when working from home! Even Ivy likes to go sleep somewhere else in the house when I work. But not Colton, he never leaves my side. 

home office

home office

A small space to hold my painting supplies and notebooks. 


hanging plates

I had two jumping off points for the decor of this room - the chair I already had and this room that I saw on

wall art

wall art

MSL mag
This side table was too short to work in any other space in my home but it works perfectly in the home office! It's just big enough to hold the current month's issues of Martha Stewart Living and Country Living, both of which I read faithfully. 



Look closely on the third shelf and you will see all my October issues of Martha Stewart Living, all the way back to 1996!

inexpensive art

I bought this small gold frame with a pink matte at Goodwill for $2. I looked on Pinterest for an interesting photo to place in here and found exactly what I wanted in this vintage Miss Dior perfume ad. I just printed on regular paper and taped to the matte. 

wall hanging

home office

Because I have my desk in the middle of the room, and not on the wall, I needed to get creative with the outlet. A powerbar placed under the desk keeps my desktop, my work laptop, and my phone charger all ready to go. From the front I hide it with my Fortnum & Mason's tote I bought when in London. 

home office

It is a total luxury to have a separate work space in your home and this is something that I am not going to take for granted. I've worked from home on and off for 10 years and it is by far my favorite way to work. I'm a knowledge worker, meaning that I have a specific set of knowledge that I apply to my work tasks. I do a lot of my work on my own and consult with leaders and coworkers when necessary. Because I work for a global corporation, those people could be anywhere around the world! Long gone are the days of in person meetings. I can't remember my last fully in person meeting.

This new home office has an east facing window which gets all the lovely morning light. Which is great for me because I am so much more productive in the mornings, when no one else in my company is online yet. I can produce reports without having someone email, instant message or call me to interrupt. My previous table-in-my-master-bedroom faced west which meant it was always dark when I started working. I bought a table lamp and would open my curtains right up, but it still was dark, especially in the fall and winter.

We moved our son's room over and he didn't even want to redecorate from what his brother had done (makes my life so much easier) and it meant I could put all my focus into getting this office done right away. I officially finished this weekend and I only got the room two weeks ago. Not bad in my books!

Let me give you a few details here, but let's start with a before picture

What.A.Mess. In The Youngest's defence, this was just after we removed his bed and he was slowly moving his furniture over (but in reality, his room usually looks pretty close to this anyways. It's just life with teenagers)

The room was painted about a year ago in the very popular (at the time) Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. It was a compromise colour since The Youngest had requested a colour close to shark skin (yuck). The colour was great for a teenage boy who had a lot of black and metal furniture in his room, but was not going to work for my home office. 

I started by patching and sanding the walls and then painted them in Tidewater (CP15) from the HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams collection at Lowe's. One can of paint was all I needed to give this room two coats for even coverage. I opted for this colour as it very closely matched the office chair I bought last year and I really wanted something light and bright to keep me alert when I work.

I wanted to keep the budget very small for this home office reno as I have a trip coming up (and a future company to get off the ground!) and I wanted to save my money for that. So that meant using a lot of what I already had and shopping the rest of my house for the things I needed.

  • Desk - Already owned (I would have loved to replace it with a beautiful wood desk but I just couldn't find the right one)
  • White book shelf  - bought a few months ago at Wal-Mart for $80
  • Curtains and rod - I removed them from my master bedroom
  • Baskets and gold framed mirror - Goodwill finds $5
  • Gold mirrors - They had been sitting in my basement waiting to be used (I paid less than $5 each for them as various antique markets) 
  • Blue and white plates and accessories - from other spots in my house 
  • Blue striped vase - Target $5
  • Side tables - They have been in my family for generations (the table with my painting supplies once belonged to my grandmother!) 

The only new thing that I bought was the hanging plate holders from Home Depot! The total cost for this redecoration project was under $100 and that includes paint and painting supplies.

blue and white

Because I had so much of the supplies already on hand, this has been my cheapest home renovation project yet! I'm basking in that right now because after redoing our entire main floor, I needed something that didn't break the bank! Plus, I got this fully done in record time which meant I could quickly get back to working my day job more effectively, and now I can focus on posting to this blog on a more regular basis.

Have you got any home decor projects in the works? Tell me all about them in the comments below!