The Most Fall-like Sweater, L.L. Bean's Flannel Trimmed Soft Cotton Rugby

fall sweater

Changing leaves, warm sweaters, pumpkins, plaid - these are all signs of fall and I've got them all for you in today's blog post! 
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flannel sweater

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Bean Boots | Tote (sold out) | Pants (last fall) | Glasses
Tervis Tumbler, purchased at L.L.Bean in Michigan | Chambray shirt

My puppy, Ivy and I have a little routine down. She sits on my lap (getting more difficult now that she is 47 pounds!) while I read the L.L.Bean catalogue. Her favourite part is, of course, chewing the page corners off and ripping them with her paws but my favourite part is finding something new to add to my closet! I instantly fell in love with the plaid trim on one of my all time favorite sweaters (seriously, check out this post and this one!) and knew I had to have it! The plaid works so well for this time of year and will still look stylish into the winter months. I plan on wearing it into the spring and summer to show off my Scottish pride!

I did a bit of a closet purge last weekend while I was packing away the summer clothes and bringing out my fall items. My rule was simple. If I didn't wear it last fall, or if it's something that I know I won't wear (ie. I secretly hate it but I keep it around for one reason or another) then out it went. I was able to get rid of two large shopping bags of clothes! Now I am left with a clean and organized closet. I'm loving it so much, I am committed to keeping it that way! 

To do that, I decided to keep new items this fall and winter to a bare minimum. That means no aimless shopping at the mall or online (booooo).  I want to add only what I know I will get a lot of use out of. The only things I am adding this season are a new pair of jeans, a navy wool hat that my friend Robin of The Dress Decoded recommended, and the pièce de résistance, this flannel trimmed soft cotton rugby from L.L.Bean! 

An organized closet means that I can easily see the items that I truly love wearing, and I know this will help me get more use out of them! This chambray shirt, which I have worn more times that I care to count on this blog, is always in constant rotation in my closet but these leggings are not. I bought them last fall and loved them and then never saw them again. Turns out they slipped behind a stack of sweaters and once they were out of sight, they were out of mind. Not anymore! 

They are super comfortable, the feel of a legging but the style of a thick pair of slacks. I encourage you to add a rich fall colour pair of pants to your wardrobe this year. They are so easy to style! I have worn them to work with a simple black sweater and on the weekend with a striped white sweater. It's a simple way to add a little more colour to your wardrobe. 

It's officially Bean Boot season, thanks to the wacky snowfall we had a few days ago (don't worry it melted the next morning) I often receive questions about sizing of the boots online and in real life so I created this Bean Boots Guide as a resource last year. If you're thinking of adding a pair to your closet, give this a read first.