5 Netflix Titles to Watch Spring 2019

Here we go, 5 Netflix Titles to watch this spring!

Spring = rainy days stuck indoors so instead of endlessly scrolling, land on one of these movies, documentaries or series and forget all about the icky going on outside. There are some big budget actors to watch, a big budget festival gone awry, a few bad boys you have to see to believe and a band that just wants to break all the rules. Grab the popcorn and let's go!


Triple Frontier

Come for the actors, stay for the tense action and well thought out storyline. Trailer

Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund and quickly becoming my new favourite actor, Pedro Pascal make up this all-star cast in this new Netflix exclusive film. Here's what you need to know; these five men are former Special Forces operatives who decide to steal $75 million from a South American drug cartel (the name Triple Frontier refers to a tripoint where the borders of Brazil, Peru, and Colombia meet). Sounds simple, right?

If you love action flicks (they're my fave!) then you will love Triple Frontier. It's anything but typical though. Usually when you say action flick there's a car chase, a love interest, a club scene, etc. but Triple Frontier doesn't follow that formula and frankly, given the caliber of actors they assembled they didn't have to rely on the old standards. There's no car chase per se but there is a getaway ending in some moments that left me breathless. I won't spoil anything here but there is a helicopter scene that was so intense, I found I was actually holding my breath! 

The storyline is solid too. I always find myself (and my family, too) pointing out plot holes when we watch a movie. Not this time. There might have been one there (although I seriously doubt it) but we were just so focused on what was actually happening we didn't have time to worry about anything else. Another focal point of the film was the soundtrack. I watched with my teenage son who loved the placement of Metallica and Pantera and I loved hearing CCR, Bob Dylan and Fleetwood Mac's The Chain which was so perfectly placed for the moment it gave me chills (I should also state that The Chain is one of my all time fave songs to blast in the car when I'm alone). Another moment to watch for is Garrett Hedlund singing Army Marching Cadence. Just one more intense moment in a long line of moments in this film. 

Alright, so they could have put these five actors together and I would have watched them read the phone book. But as great as they all are, I wouldn't have given them such a glowing review if the movie was just them showboating. Each actor was given a good amount of airtime and they all worked so well together that I am seriously crossing my fingers for a sequel. 


In January my family and I went to the Toronto Auto Show and the Netflix team had set up the truck from a key scene in the movie, complete with bags of cash everywhere! Sadly, the cash was fake but the truck was very real! It's always fun to see a prop from a real life movie!



Our next Netflix title to watch is a big departure from my last recommendation. You is a 10 episode show that was originally released on Lifetime network. It was a mild success there and since switching to Netflix has become a massive hit with a second season already in the works.

You, based on a book of the same name, follows Joe a bookstore manager who instantly falls for a young aspiring writer named Beck. He works to insert himself into her life, with voice over work that initially makes you feel that he is only trying to protect his heart. Thanks to social media it really is easy to research someone with only a name and get a sense of who they are and what they care about.

But this isn't a typical love story and things take a dark turn very quickly. Joe is obsessive and he gets more so with each episode. There are scary moments, violent moments and most surprising of all is how you feel about Joe and Beck. I think it's quite genius to show that everyone has good and evil in them (it's human nature). Joe isn't all bad, and Beck isn't all good. Fans of Gossip Girl will love seeing our lonely boy Penn Badgley back in action and do we have any Once and PLL fans out there? Beck is played by Elizabeth Lail who played Anna (Frozen) in Once and friend Peach is played to perfection by Shay Mitchell, Emily from PLL.


Dirty John

Caution, we have another bad boy here. But this one is much scarier than our previous recommendation because this is a true story.

Made popular by the true crime podcast of the same name, this is the true story of John Meehan and the web of lies, deceit and abuse that follows. John, a career con artist, meets wealthy interior designer Debra Newell on an online dating website. He quickly gains her trust, despite her children's concerns, marries him and he quickly takes over her life.

He lies about his past, his employment, even his living arrangements. The lies are so unreal I found myself Googling key facts after each episode assuming that some artistic liberties were taken. They were all real! The conclusion is shocking. That's all I will say about that. You can Google it and find out, but I wouldn't (unless you listened to the podcast then you already know). The only thing I knew about this show/story was I saw Connie Britton on the December cover of Redbook. I adore Ms. Britton (Spin City, Nashville) so I instantly bought the issue and read that Dirty John was coming to Netflix (originally released on Bravo) in February.

Well acted by veteran actors Connie Britton, Jean Smart and Eric Bana and new faces Julia Garner and Juno Temple, they are so good at what they do, I found myself wanting to yell at the tv! I have to say, this show should be required viewing for any women but especially for anyone who is single and/or recently separated. Know the warning signs of controlling con artists. Outside of that, and outside of feeling incredibly sorry for her children, it's a really entertaining show! The fashions are fun (think filthy rich California style) and filming took place on location on Balboa Island and Newport Beach just as it did in real life. I watched an episode a day while walking on the treadmill. It made sure that I stuck to my exercise that week!


The Dirt

And now a few bad boys of a totally different variety, rowdy rock stars! Mötley Crüe is a rock band that needs no introduction. I grew up in the 80's listening to pop hits and while I don't recall ever hearing a Mötley Crüe song, I was well aware of the band! They were outrageous partiers and it took a toll on their personal lives, the lives of others (there was a death as a result of one of them) and their saniety. If you read the popular memoir of the same name then the movie will just bring it all home. If not, fear not because this movie covers it all. The good, the bad and the ugly. And there's a lot of ugly.

These four bandmates are the genesis of sex, drugs and rock and roll in the 80's. The movie covers their heyday and also gives a good background on each of the four members. I have to say, that's the part I enjoyed the most. It really helped give context and explain why each of them ends up doing the things they do. I knew of Tommy Lee's marriages and relationships because they were big news once upon a time, what I didn't know is that he is a drop dead romantic who believes strongly in everlasting love thanks to his parents loving and lasting relationship. I truly enjoyed learning more about Tommy! And now that I've watched, I just had to get into the music. Kickstart My Heart is my new go-to workout song!


Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened


Ok, now that I got my LOL'ing out of the way, you need to watch this documentary on the absolute disaster of an event, Fyre Festival. The entire thing is a trainwreck that you just can't look away from.

It's a story of a career con-artist who tries to hold an exclusive music festival for the one percenters (which is why in the end those who ended up there got no sympathy #richkidproblems) The festival (think Coachella) was to be held on an abandoned island in the Bahamas. Top models and influencers were paid to advertise via Instagram and get people to book. Which they did. Customers were promised top acts, private glamping quarters and gourmet food. What they got was no acts, FEMA tents and a cheese sandwich. People were stranded in international airports with no way out. It was a total disaster that played out in real time over Instagram and Twitter. Actually, I had never heard of the festival until it exploded with stranded customers sharing how bad things were!

It is highly entertaining to see how this went from good idea to bad execution. A great watch when you're in the mood for a good laugh.


Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Ok I am slipping a sixth selection in here. I mentioned in a previous Netflix recommendation post that I watched the first three seasons of the Gilmore Girls. I was a bit on the fence about the show and the cast, and after finishing all seasons, I am still on that fence. There were a few times when I even asked myself why I was still watching something that I thought was just ok. Well, I kept watching because I needed something to do for 45 minutes on the treadmill but also because I wanted to get to the Netflix produced Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life.

I had heard great things about this four part series that spans each of the four seasons. It picks up many years later and follows mother daughter team Lorelai and Rory who are back with their quick and witty repartee that is full of pop culture references, just like the original.

Lorelai and Luke still have their problems, Lorelai and her mother still have their problems (and even end up in therapy!) and Rory has a boyfriend who she constantly forgets about (it's a running joke through the four episodes) and has some issues to resolve with long time love Logan. I found these episodes to be heavy on the drama but it was nice to see where all the characters from Star Hollow end up. If I hadn't watched the entire series, I wouldn't have bothered with this new show. You really need all the background to really get a sense of what is going on. So here's my recommendation - If you watched Gilmore Girls, watch this series and prepare for a few hits of nostalgia. It's a fairly easy watch (if you ignore that it ends on a cliffhanger. Why do they do that to us! 😆)

If you didn't watch the series, I say skip it. I watched thinking in the back of my head, would I know what was going on if I hadn't just watched the entire series and the answer is, I would have been lost. So many moments that you really needed the background for. So, as a whole, would I even recommend this series? Like I said, still on the fence. I know people who love it, people who hate it, and I'm somewhere in the take it or leave it category. I just never got attached to any of the characters, so I really didn't care where they ended up.

Let's chalk this one up to timing. Had I watched during the original I might have been more invested. Well that wasn't really helpful was it! Ok if I was really pressed, I wouldn't recommend it. I think the draw of this show is the mother daughter relationship and the cute as can be town. If you're looking for that watch Steel Magnolias and then binge on Ghost Whisperer.

Alright people, you've got your marching orders and we are staring at a long weekend. Give these titles a watch and then come back and let me know in the comments what you thought!