Add This To Your Summer Road Trips - Prince Edward County

picton, crystal palace

After what has felt like a long and cruel winter season, I am happy to report that spring has finally sprung!
And with it, my energy and creativity has returned meaning I am back to my regular blog posting schedule!

I took a bit of a hiatus over the winter because, well, we can't all be creative all the time. My mind felt like it looked outside, dull and grey. So I stepped away knowing that once the sunshine returned, so would I. And while that sunshine only lasted enough to melt all the snow (before we got another dump of the white stuff yesterday, womp, womp) it was enough. AMH and I did what I think we are best known for, hopping in the car and heading out on the open road!

This weekend's road trip was to a small town outside of Kingston to sell some car parts that we no longer need from our 1970 Mercury Montego. The car is nearing the end of its restoration and this summer is shaping up to be our best road trip season yet!

After dropping off the parts, and checking out this gentlemen's restoration job, we headed to an area that we've never been to before, Prince Edward County, Ontario. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate for a fun exploring road trip. It rained buckets of water and we had to pass on a number of sites to see. I did manage to see two very interesting things and I was just so excited by what I saw from the safety of my car that I wanted to share with you! If you're like me and you like to plan out your summer adventures in advance, then this is your sign to add PEC to your list!

Angry Bird's Rotisserie Chicken

First was a lunch time stop at Angry Bird's Rotisserie Chicken. I say this without exaggeration, this was the best rotisserie chicken that AMH and I have ever had! It's just off the main road that leads into Picton, across the street from the fairgrounds. You can't miss it, it's a bright red building with an angry bird on it! 

The place was busy, it was Saturday afternoon after all, with lots of locals talking about the maple syrup goings on. Folks, it doesn't get more Canadian then that! AMH had the Pulled BBQ Birdwich and I had the Cranky Rooster Wrap, both were cooked to perfection! My only regret is I didn't order some to take home for dinner later! 

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Across the street is the Crystal Palace built in 1887. In the 1850's there was an exhibition in London's Hyde Park where the first Crystal Palace was unveiled. Shortly afterwards, North America caught the Crystal Palace bug and they started popping up at agricultural fairs. This Crystal Palace in Picton, Ont is the only original structure of its kind on the continent! Who knew! 

It's a beautiful glass and metal building that looks like it would be the perfect place to hold a special celebration. 

After a quick walk around, the rain started back up and we were back in our car. We drove the Hwy 49 loop through PEC (I'll give driving details below) and I was on Google checking out what there is to see in each small town. There are breweries and wineries, antique and small gift shops on each Main Street, Sandbanks Provincial Park with multiple beaches, sand dunes and camping, and a slew of hip motels that are popping up. My Google searching lead me to the totally instagrammable The June Motel and The Drake Motor Inn which opens up this summer! 

I was slightly disappointed that this was all we were able to see, but I think it really was a blessing in disguise because now I know about this area and I can plan for some really great adventures here this summer! On the ride home I got so excited about our summer adventures that I ordered this book to help me plan better. This summer I am really looking forward to discovering the beauty that is Ontario and as always, I can't wait to share them with you! Just be sure to follow along @Celebratingthislife on Instagram. 


From KW/Toronto - Take the 401 towards Kingston. Exit at Hwy 49 Marysville. Stay on Hwy 49 and to Picton. Hwy 49 is a big loop in PEC that will take you to Bellville and back to the 401. You can drive the whole highway and pass through some incredible places. MAP