Spring Cleaning (that you may not have considered) & New Williams Sonoma Kitchen Towels

williams sonoma towels, vineyard vines shep sweater

Spring has officially sprung here in Ontario and I am all about spring cleaning right now! 

Ok, it's a total cliche that girls enjoy housework but I really do! I love nothing more than organizing a closet or cleaning the grime out of my window sill. It's oddly satisfying and I know so many of you feel the same way. Do I spread the housework around to the other three men who live with me? Absolutely! Frankly, it's the only way we can even begin to keep our house clean. 

As much as I really do love cleaning myself, there are just not enough hours in the day. My time is divided between working full-time, blogging part-time and managing the life of a very active puppy, Ivy! Oh Ivy, she's the light of my life and really shows me that AMH and I would have done really well as parents to a little girl. 

So while I would love to spend all day cleaning (not really but you get the idea) I just can't and that means things have piled up. Closets are unkempt, drawers are a mess and things are starting to look dirty. The last time I did a really great deep clean was before Thanksgiving in November! Yikes! 

I spent some time last weekend tackling my spring cleaning list. When I started telling family/friends what I was doing they were surprised and I kept hearing "I wouldn't have thought of that" so here we are! I always tell people if they want to get into blogging that first they need to live a life. And this is why, my real life is always a great source of inspiration and that helps me come up with blog ideas! 

So, you're probably wondering what spring cleaning I got up to. Well sit back, relax and then add these to your list! 

spring cleaning

Kitchen Towels

I threw out all my old kitchen towels. You heard that right. I have two drawers in my kitchen island that are filled with kitchen towels that quite possibly are older than time itself. I have a whole stack that are from IKEA and I haven't been to IKEA in probably 10 years! Most were worn, some were torn and they certainly were not photo worthy. I just took them out of the drawers, placed them in a garbage bag and out they went. The only ones I saved were a set of 4 red Williams Sonoma Logo Kitchen Towels that I bought just before Christmas and a few of my faves from Kendra Bester Design. The KBD team makes the cutest kitchen towels! They have great designs on them and I frequently use them as napkins in the summer. 

So that left me with about 8 kitchen towels. Not enough for this busy family. I made a quick trip to Sherway Gardens (a mall outside of Toronto) and bought the Williams Sonoma Logo Kitchen Towels in bright blue. I originally thought I would buy a pack of the navy but I'll be honest, I found the navy colour to be incredibly dark. Almost totally black. I asked if they had a lighter option because I didn't see one and turns out they had this great bright blue set in the back room. 

Before, I could barely close the island drawers because they were full of tattered kitchen towels and now I can actually use the drawers to hold other things like my baking supplies! And now when I reach for a kitchen towel I'm not skeeved out by how old and stained they are. A quick and easy win!

*Also look to edit your sock, underwear and bra drawers, kitchen junk drawers, bathroom makeup drawer, dog's toy basket, nightstand etc.

Ceiling Lights

I don't usually spend much time staring up at my ceiling but I noticed the hallways seemed darker than usual. It wasn't a large change but still, it was enough to make me look up. And boy, that was quite the sight! We replaced all of our hallway lights, 4 in total, during our main floor renovation last year. And they haven't been washed or dusted since. Yuck. So with a chair in hand I started removing, washing, drying and replacing the glass portion of our lights. The whole task took about 30 minutes and what a difference only a half hour can make! The lights sparkle now and the hallways seem brighter. Now I find I do spend time looking up at our ceiling to see how lovely our lights look. I'll see how they fair over the next few months, this might turn into a biannual or quarterly chore.


Every few months in our house, someone gets a cold (or sometimes it's just the threat that they have been exposed to a cold) and I go into full battle mode. I put being sick right up there with getting a root canal. I avoid it at all costs. As soon as someone says anything about a cold, I jump into action with disinfecting wipes in hand and start wiping down light switches, door knobs and our bannister or railings. Basically anywhere your hand might touch. But your hand never touches the spindles or the very bottom of each spindle so it's not somewhere I regularly clean. Big mistake, huge! So with wipes in hand, I started scrubbing what looked like dust, dirt and grease (how on earth did grease get in there?!?!)

Now they sparkle! But, it was a lot of work and I have to admit that I banged my hand a number of times as the spindles are pretty close together and there isn't much space around the bottom. I won't be adding this to my regular chore list but I will make sure to check on it every spring and before Christmas.

Running Shoes

I have two pairs of white runners, a pair of Converse and a pair of Keds Ortholite (basically the most comfortable walking shoe ever). I don't wear them everyday so even though they are older, I still don't feel the need to replace yet. But, they get dirty awfully quick since I tend to wear them more when I am walking the dog. I shared how I clean my Converse in this blog post and I still stand by the steps recorded there. I washed them with my handy dandy OxiClean and let dry out in the sun. They are a little stiff the first few minutes of wearing them, but they loosen up pretty quickly.

I also did a lot of the traditional spring cleaning like airing out our area rugs, washing the windows and sweeping the porch and deck but it was only the four items I shared above that seemed to peak anyone's interest when I mentioned my spring cleaning weekend.

Now that the weather is warmer, have you been bitten by the spring cleaning bug? What are the unconventional things you clean in your home?