Vineyard Vines x Target Haul

Vineyard Vines x Target

The Vineyard Vines x Target release was this past Saturday and I'm home and ready to show you what I picked up on my shopping trip!

For my Canadian and UK readers who might not be familiar, Vineyard Vines is a lifestyle brand out of Martha's Vineyard. Brothers Shep and Ian left their NYC corporate jobs to sell ties. Their bright colours and happy designs, including their smiling whale mascot, sold quickly and they expanded into women's, men's, children's, and pet clothing and accessories. They have a large online retail presence and over 70 stand alone stores throughout the US and last Saturday, they released a limited edition collection with Target!

Target has been partnering with high fashion and lifestyle brands for a few years. They release limited edition items at a more affordable price point but they do sell out quickly. I myself missed out on the Lilly Pulitzer collection five years ago and the stories from that collection are legendary. Items selling out online almost immediately, shoppers in store causing chaos and items being sold on reselling platforms for double and sometimes triple the regular price.

The sale coincided with a long weekend in Canada and with no real plans (other than some light gardening) AMH and I decided we would get up early and head to our favourite Target store to shop the collection. We have a summer vacation coming up in Cape Cod and that was the focus of our shopping. We wanted some summer clothing items for ourselves (we are both huge fans of Vineyard Vines clothing!), new leashes, collars and bandannas for Ivy, and some picnic items we can take on our trip and use throughout the rest of the summer.

On the road by 5:30 am, we arrived at Target, with fresh coffee in hand, at 7:45 am and quickly spotted the line. By the time we parked and walked up we were 15th in line and had more than enough time to finish our coffee and hear the announcements made by the store manager. They advised everyone in line that the Vineyard Vines x Target collection would be right in front of us as we walked in and that everything has a 14 day return policy, REDCard holders get an additional 30 days.

While waiting in line, AMH and I made a plan. I would head to the ladies clothes and bags and he would head to the dog items and men's clothes. Once 8:00 am came and the doors opened, shoppers moved swiftly. Being 15th in line meant that by the time I got to the women's clothing everything I was hoping for was gone. I was after the pink 1/4 zip sweater and got there just in time to see a women grab every single one and take off. That upset a number of us ladies and we all grumbled together about how unfair it is that they will turn around and sell them for a profit on online marketplaces, but then we moved on. Everyone in store was polite and friendly and even helpful!

Once I grabbed the dog items I was looking for and a wicker picnic tote, I headed back to the women's clothing hoping some had been returned. Sure enough someone had placed back the white dress with navy striped belt that I was hoping for, and it was in my size! I quickly scooped that up and then noticed a lovely lady was returning one of the pink sweaters that I was coveting. I asked if she was returning it and if I could have it. She handed it over and we chatted for about 5 minutes about sizing. She was first in line and had grabbed two sizes to try on. She opted for the large and was placing back the extra large.

Normally I would wear a large but I thought I would take it anyway and hope it shrinks a little in the dryer. Plus I love the idea of a slightly oversized sweater for summer. Sizing up ended up being perfect for me! It is roomy but I find the sleeves to be slightly short. I have a few other Vineyard Vines clothing and have never had a problem with the sleeve length. The large sweater would have stopped somewhere between my wrist and elbow and that was not the look I would have been going for. In the summer, I like to wear lightweight clothing that covers my arms to save me from unfortunate sunburns.

So here is everything we ended up buying:


Vineyard Vines for Target

Women's Sleeveless Ruffle Tie Waisted Midi V-Neck DressWomen's 1/4 Zip Pullover SweatshirtMen's Gingham Long Sleeve Woven Button-Down ShirtMen's Striped Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

Dog Items

Vineyard Vines for Target

Pink Whale Dog Collar - NavyPink Whale Dog Leash - 5ft - NavyPatchwork Whale Dog Collar - Pink/BlueFlag Whale and Gingham Dog LeashTravel Silicone Whale Pet BowlPink Whale Dog Toy RopeReversible BandannaStoneware Pink Whale Pet BowlSilicone Whale Pet Feeding Mat

Picnic Items

Vineyard Vines for Target

Vineyard Vines for Target

Pink Whale Can Cooler koozie, Whale Picnic Tote with Rough Seas Lining10.5" Whale Line Melamine Dinner Plate13.5oz Whale Line DrinkwarePink Whale Striped 10 Can Cooler Sling - Navy/RedStriped Throw Blanket - Blue/White

Backpacks/Beach Towels

Vineyard Vines for Target

Vineyard Vines for Target

Vineyard Vines for Target

We've been home for a few days with everything and we are loving the quality. The dog items, the clothing, the bags, plastic plates and cups are everything you would expect (and more!) at this price point. I really think that everything from this collection was worth the money, time and effort to acquire it. Personally, I got everything that was on my 'must have' list so I'm really happy and glad that I got to the store before opening. I only forgot to grab a few packs of the disposable napkins to keep in the picnic tote. On my next Target run I'll see if there are any left in store. I'd also like to grab another lidded wine glass (bought one for myself and forgot about AMH, oops!) and another beach towel. The beach towels went quickly and while I'm happy with the very pink girlie one, I'd like to grab a navy one for the husband.  

Speaking of the store, if you didn't manage to buy online (almost everything sold out right away!) you still have a chance as items are now being returned to local stores. Over the next few days it wouldn't hurt to head to your local Target to see if something you missed out on is now there. 

All in, I spent $550 for everything ($557 to be exact). To put that into context, I spend the same amount at the Vineyard Vines store in Westport, CT in January buying three sweaters for AMH, a shirt for myself and a plush toy for Ivy. This Vineyard Vines x Target collaboration not only had all the items that my family and I would want for a fun summer, they offered it at a price point that leaves me money for sightseeing and lobster rolls in Cape Cod next month!