My IKEA Front Porch Makeover

ikea wicker chair

A few sunny June days was all it took to get me to finally tackle a project that I've been putting off for a good long while, my front porch!

It's the first thing you see when you come to my house and if you knock (although most friends just walk right in) you just might have to stand there a while until I can hold the 80 pound puppy, Ivy from running outside. The point is, it sets the stage for entering our home that I have spent the better part of two years renovating. I wanted my porch to say welcome to our bright and colourful home but what it was saying is a bunch of people live here who bought a plain black bistro set 10 years ago and they never sit outside. My front porch was sad. Even when I painted our old black door a bright Whipple Blue, I still left all the old furniture and planters.

Work and home have been busier than ever. You would think that having teenagers things would start to slow down. No way! There's the million rides they need to work, school, lessons and friends houses and the constant conversations around college courses, grades and which school to choose. Work has also been busier than ever. I thought I would be getting some much needed down time once the new year started. That lull period I was banking on just never happened. It is the sole reason this blog has taken a backseat. If you're still reading and checking in from time to time, thank you! I promise I have lots of content, just short on time. I'm hopeful that with summer break coming up I'll have more time to devote here.

Everyday I walk onto the porch, I look around at our sad black bistro set and old urn that I have not filled with flowers since last summer and wish I could change it up. Make it reflect our family. A bistro set worked great when the kids were little and would sit there drinking juice boxes and popsicles but those days are long gone. Now, sitting outside with Ivy we're uncomfortable in those old, small chairs and while we do love watching the sunset, before we get to that moment the sun beats down on this little porch making it quite uncomfortable on hot days.

There's also a privacy issue. It's something that we contend with on a daily basis. It's all part of subdivision living (I call it living in a fish bowl) I wanted to be able to sit for a minute on the front porch, especially in the cool summer mornings with the puppy and enjoy my coffee in my pjs. Well, I found a fantastic solution, one that will hopefully prevent the neighbourhood from talking about what pj's we are wearing 😁

Enough of that, let me show you around my little (and I mean little) front porch makeover!

ikea wicker chair

The new chairs were the start of everything. Gone is the old folding black bistro set that nobody ever sat at and now in its place are two of the most comfortable natural wicker chairs! These are the Byholma wicker chairs from IKEA for $99 a piece. The chair pads are the Kuddarna outdoor chair pads for $14.99. These cushions are actually for a different chair with a wider base but we just cut off the ties, turned them sideways and they fit perfectly! 

My IKEA Front Porch Makeover

We bought simple hooks and rods from the curtain section in IKEA. The rods were $2.99 and the hooks were $1.50 (we needed 4). The rod ended up being too short for one side of the porch so a quick trip to Home Depot was in order. The rods there are more expensive and not nearly as sturdy. I spent $10 on the longer one and during a bit of rain and wind last night, it fell down (luckily it wasn't damaged).

My IKEA Front Porch Makeover

The curtains are two packages of the Vivan white curtains for $14.99 each. I was looking for something that would give us the privacy we craved, while still letting in some light and these are just perfect. Still on my list (for next summer) is building a new set of stairs that hopefully will have a planter box attached. Stay tuned for that one! 


To hang the curtains I attached the curtain rod to the ceiling of the porch. The hooks hang down and make it easy to place the rod. 

IKEA curtains

I leave the curtains open enough to still have my Boston Ferns hanging. With the wind last night I just tied the bottom of the curtains to the porch railing. I'm still debating on whether I need to grab some ribbon and make tie backs. What do you think?
My IKEA Front Porch Makeover

A summer shawl left for those chilly nights watching the sunset, and we've been having a lot of those lately.

My IKEA Front Porch Makeover

I used to have a very traditional black urn beside my door but that is now living in our backyard. I do still love the look of them (oh so classic!) but after 12 years of the same thing, I am just looking to shake things up. I don't plan on having any planters or plants on the porch this year. I have two big summer vacations coming up and let's just say that I don't exactly trust that the teenagers will remember to water everything. So I am taking this year off.

I power washed the porch which I will admit is the first time we've ever done that. I have a few rust stains from that old black urn and while I was hoping for a miracle, those stains are still there. Add another task to next year's list, paint the porch floor. It still helped to take off a layer of dirt and grime from the winter, especially salt stains from fighting the constant ice of last winter.

It was a really simple makeover. Nothing too expensive or time consuming. Hung a couple of curtains, replaced the chairs. It's exactly what our family needs right now, a simple win and somewhere we can sit and talk about our day with the puppy at our feet and a cold drink in hand.