The First Canadian L.L.Bean Store Is Open!

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Welcome to Canada, L.L.Bean!

Yes, the very first (of many I hope) L.L.Bean store opens today in Oakville, Ontario. It's only an hour away from me in Kitchener-Waterloo and 50 minutes from Downtown Toronto making it oh so convenient to shop. And don't forget that Canadians can shop their new website as well!

This weekend they are planning a full on celebration. Visit in store for some fun surprises and you can even get your photograph with the one, the only, Bootmobile!

I visited the new Oakville, Ontario location during their VIP event and got a look at what the store will be carrying. There are the famous Bean Boots and Boat and Totes, women's and men's clothing, housewares and a whole wall of backpacks for back to school.

The best part of having a store here in Canada is now we can try on items in store. I know I was hesitant to order a pair of Bean Boots without first trying them on. If you're in Ontario and looking to get a jump start on your fall shopping, head to Oakville Place Mall this weekend! Here's a look at what you will find in store

The First Canadian L.L.Bean Store Is Open!

The famous Bean Boots! My Bean Boots Buying Guide is a great place to start when thinking of a first, second or even third pair! I'm about to head into my third fall/winter with my current pair and I can tell you, I wear them almost Walks with the puppy in the morning, walking into the office (with my office footwear in a tote) weekends out adventuring, the list is truly endless. 

The First Canadian L.L.Bean Store Is Open!

Now this is a first, a custom Bean Boot lace bar! I've been to a number of stores (the Victor, NY is my usual go to) and I've never come across this. In fact, I shared images from my visit on social media and I got more messages about this than any other picture! I'll be returning to the store in a few weeks to do a little shopping and I'll be bringing my Bean Boots with me to get some new laces. Or perhaps I can finally buy that navy pair I've been eyeing and get red, white and blue laces to go with it!  

The First Canadian L.L.Bean Store Is Open!

A few weekends ago AMH and I borrowed a trailer from his dad. Since we love travelling with Ivy, our Bernese, and have been finding it increasingly more difficult to find pet friendly accommodations (many hotels will only allow up to 25 pound dogs and well, Ivy is a heck of a lot more than that!) it seems that a trailer in in our future. It was my first time staying in one and I can say I definitely see this as a way to travel next summer! 

The first thing I noticed? The need to use the space you have smartly. Trailers can become cramped quite easily. As soon as I saw this collapsible duffle bag, I knew this would be perfect for trailer adventures! I can keep it folded and placed under a bench when not in use, and when unfolded it appears to be able to hold more than a week's worth of clothing. I'm putting this on my Christmas wish list (in that lovely blue colour!) 

The First Canadian L.L.Bean Store Is Open!

If you don't have a waterhog mat for your front door, consider this the memo you need to buy one. With two teenagers and a very big dog, I was buying new front door mats every few months. The cheap black ones, you know the one I am talking about? They are utilitarian but do not act like it. They breakdown, wear out and discolour so easily. 

My friend, Kendra of the interior design firm, Kendra Bester Design, buys these for all of her design clients. I had long listened to how much her clients love them and last fall I decided to finally buy a blue one to match my hallway. A year later and it still looks great, even with all the wear and tear of my family! I'm working on a blog post about how it has held up and how I washed it this year. Stay tuned! 

The First Canadian L.L.Bean Store Is Open!

Boat and Totes in every colour! A large tote at the Canadian store is $45 Canadian, on the US site, it's $34.95 USD which based on this mornings conversation rate, it's cheaper to buy it in Canada! There's a first! 

There is another wall of specialty totes, like camo (which I am loving!), red buffalo check and even some holiday plaids. The only thing missing? A monogram station. They have onsite monogramming for Boat and Totes in the US stores I have visited, for a fee of $8. Let's hope they are just waiting to see if there is a need and plan to expand that feature in the future. Personally, I feel like a Boat and Tote is unfinished without my monogram on it! 

The First Canadian L.L.Bean Store Is Open!

If this store will be your first interaction with the brand, I recommend picking up a copy of The Making of an American Icon. I read this book more than 10 years ago and it helped me understand the brand and their commitment to well made items. An entertaining read for anyone even mildly interested in the retail sector (I am fascinated by retail!)

The First Canadian L.L.Bean Store Is Open!

After feeling how soft this sleepwear was, I was all ready to hit the hay! 

The First Canadian L.L.Bean Store Is Open!

It's never too early to consider Christmas gifts! Wicked Good Slippers, special edition board games and cozy soft blankets are always great ideas!

The First Canadian L.L.Bean Store Is Open!

My favourite thing in store right now? These quilted quarter-zip pullovers! I'm loving this deep olive colour and it also comes in a navy, white and grey. These will go quickly! 


The next thing I think that will go quickly? The soft classic cashmere sweaters. $159 Canadian is a heck of a good price for cashmere! The black is a classic and would look great with jeans or red plaid skirt this fall, and the rose colour seen in the background? How great would that look with a brown corduroy skirt and brown riding boots! 


If you make it out to the store this weekend, and I know many of you will, please come back here and in the comments section let me know what you got!

I want to thank the L.L.Bean social media team for inviting me to preview the store and for gifting me a Boat and Tote monogrammed with a maple leaf! Hopefully this is something we will see on store shelves soon! 

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