Olive and Pink for Fall

l.l.bean fall clothing

How to style olive green for fall while still remaining true to you feminine side? Just add pink!

Actually, I turn to nature and look at the colours I see. Lots of golds and oranges in the fields and pinks and yellows in the sunsets. That's how I styled my Olive Utility Jacket this weekend. 


Olive and Pink for Fall

Utility Jacket (c/o) | Shirt (c/o)
Scarf (old) | Bag (old) | Glasses

When I went out looking for a fall jacket, I purposely looked for something masculine. This time of year always reminds me of being a kid growing up in the country. Fall mornings were cold, even with the wood burning stove pumping, and I always wore one of my dad's oversized jackets when working outside. There was firewood that needed chopped and stacked before the first snowfall and the vegetable garden needed put to bed after the final harvest. There always seemed to be a reason to be outside. 

Now that I'm all grown up I still want that feeling of warmth with some oversized styling (so I can move my arms freely) with more of a feminine styling. I reached out to the L.L.Bean team before my trip to Scotland two years ago and they sent over this jacket for me to test out. Here we are two years later and I am still wearing it! 

And lately I've been putting it through rigorous testing. Early mornings with Ivy who from time to time still likes to jump up. The tough cotton twill exterior has held up to her razor sharp nails and dirty paw marks are easily wiped off. And the 3% spandex means I can easily move my arms to bring Ivy back down the earth.

September started out quite cool, but then the temperature shot back up last week. The evenings remain cool so a jacket is a must. And since I haven't put any of my summer clothing away, (which means lots of pink!) I'm styling this classic fall colour combo as long as I can.

I've been Pinning a lot of olive and pink inspired fall outfits (make sure you're following me on Pinterest, I pin all the time!) and plan on wearing pink/blush jeans and skirts with creamy sweaters and this jacket. Add a pair of brown riding boots and you've got yourself one or two perfect fall looks! 

This scarf always reminds me of fall sunsets. It's the perfect combination of pinks, blushes and tan colours. I bought it a few seasons ago and have used it as a scarf as seen here and as a blanket/shawl on airplanes. Scarves are a fun and easy way to add a little texture to an outfit. It's actually a photographers trick to add scarves and other accessories to make family portraits look better because they add such depth to photos. 

How are you planning on styling olive and pink this fall?