Roots Kanga Hoody in Varsity Green

Roots Canada

Showing off a little Canadian pride with this Roots look I wore to the Drive-In last Friday.

Roots Canada

I had no idea there was a maple leaf on the hood until I wore it the first time! What a lovely surprise! 

Roots Canada

Country Living

While Drive-Ins are more common in the summer, I actually prefer to visit them in the fall. The cooler nights means you can keep the windows open, as long as you dress warmly and have a few blankets, preferably plaid, in the backseat. AMH and I have been going to the Drive-In since we started dating and I don't see us stopping anytime soon. 

I love pulling together a few treats and loading up the car for an adventure. Candy corn and Reese's Pieces are my favourite candies (when I ask the kids to grab me a box I tell them to grab "Reese's, the E.T. kind" they always get a good laugh at that) We bought nachos and popcorn at the concession stand and I firmly believe that calories don't count when you are out at the movies. 

Sadly we don't have a Drive-In in Kitchener-Waterloo so we have to travel to nearby towns that do have one. We shot these photos at the Mustang Drive-In in London, Ontario which is great two screen Drive-In. We saw Hustlers and Good Boys which were both ok, but I really didn't think they lived up to the hype. We got there pretty early and I had a chance to read the October issue of Country Living that I just got in the mail. It's the first issue of my new print subscription, I'm going back to the old school way of reading magazines! 

I mentioned in my September Classics post that I donated all my old hoody sweaters and decided to add only one, this dark green Roots kanga hoody. I've been wearing it on the mornings I get up with Ivy, as an extra layer when I'm running to yoga, and with jeans on the weekends. On this trip to the Drive-In, I decided to pair it with another iconic Roots item, the salt and pepper slim cuff sweatpants. I'll be getting a lot of use out of both of these as the days turn cooler. 

As much as I am loving them both, I won't be adding any other hoodies or joggers to my closet. I want to try and get as much use out of these two items as I can, and to keep my closet from overflowing. I'm clearing out as much clothing as I can and only bringing in quality items. Yes, Roots clothing is more expensive than a cheaper alternative, but you get better styling and longevity out of them. I've worn Roots all my life and I know that when I spend some money with them, I am buying a product that I'll be happy with and will last through many wears and washes. And as a fellow Canadian, I am always happy to carry my home with me no matter where in the world my travels take me.