September Classics

classic clothing

I'm going to be trying something new for the next few months, so please bear with me.

I had this idea while in the shower, which is where all great ideas are formed! Ha! What if I took a handful of clothing items that reflected the month and put them into constant rotation. I would pull a few items out of storage and buy just a few things to add. Then I would mix and match with some classics, liks jeans and white t-shirts, to make up a month long wardrobe. Sort of like a capsule collection but since I'm less a minimalist and a more is better kind of person, this would work better.

Each month I'll share here what I have deemed to be the Monthly Classics and how I plan to style them. Then for the whole month I'll work them into my outfits that I share here on the blog and on Instagram @Celebratingthislife

What I've always believed in and try to share here is how to style multiple ways. I truly believe that cost per wear matters more than just about anything else. I rather spend $100 on a pair of jeans that will last me a few years rather than a $20 pair that I can only wear for one season. In the long run, it makes more sense to have invested in that quality pair. Of course, that doesn't mean I don't add a few cheapies in here and there just for fun!

Over the Labour Day long weekend I cleaned out some more summery items from my closet and grabbed a few old and new items that I think will work perfectly for this month.

Jean jacket - My honest recommendation for a jean jacket is to buy second hand. Specifically Levi's. It will literally last forever and I just love that broken in feel. A jean jacket in the fall is all about layering and I recommend sizing up, or buying from the men's section. I bought my Levis jacket at my favourite second hand shop in Kitchener, White Tiger Vintage.

The jacket was old and broken in and had room to layer with a sweater (I bought a men's small). Exactly what I was looking for! Sometimes new is fun, but in this instance the worn in look is exactly the one you want. This month I'll be pairing it with hoodies and dresses and even as a middle layer later in the month when the temperatures really start to dip.

Stripe sweater - I'm sure you're reading here and thinking, another stripe sweater? Really? I need another one? Ha! I know, I know. I was so tired of all my striped items this year that I banished them to the back of my closet all summer. And then I saw it. An elevate stripe sweater that completely brought me back to the stripe world.

It's a Ralph Lauren black and white stripe sweater with the most darling brass buttons (runs big, I sized down). A totally elevated look without even trying! This month I'll bring it for cooler evenings while wearing a dress, with jeans and loafers for the weekends and under a blazer for days in the office. I bought this one on sale at The Bay as it was a leftover Spring '19 item. If you already have a striped sweater, now is the time to work it into the rotation. If not, I recommend this one to save, and this one for a splurge.

Brown flats - If you don't have a great pair of tan brown flats in your closet, now is the time to correct that. No other shoe this time of year will do! If I listed out how I plan on wearing these, we would be here forever! Every outfit I have listed already, that's where I will be wearing them.

Hoodie - Two years ago I purged my closet of all old and ratty sweaters which meant saying goodbye to every hoodie I own. It didn't bother me so much until I had to get up with the puppy in the cold mornings. Because I didn't want to just add any old hoodie into the mix, I waited until Roots came out with their fall colours. I had been waiting for this beautiful forest green hoodie to appear, and it finally arrived in stores last week! It was on sale and I had a $10 off survey coupon from a previous purchase. Score!

I'll be wearing with jeans and my jean jacket on days where we will be hiking, canoeing and all around adventuring with Ivy. I'll even wear with my pj's on the really early mornings with the dog...which might not make it on the blog but just know I am wearing it.

Green dress - So many dressed down styles, I need something a little dressier for work and fun evenings out. Green is everywhere right now and this H&M dress I picked up for $30 is perfect for fall. It has a string tie waist so you can control how loose or tight the dress is. I've already worn it on it's own, with brown flats of course! I'll also wear with my jean jacket or a striped sweater and a tan blazer for work. For evenings out I'll amp up the accessories, heels and fabulous earrings should do the trick!

White jeans - Yes, you can wear them after Labour Day! In fact, this is the time of year I get the most use out of my white jeans. On cooler days and evenings it's nice to have something keeping your legs warm. I also think they are the perfect canvas for more saturated colours in the fall. They really let the rest of your outfit take center stage! And I only recommend one brand, Gap. They make the absolute best white jeans and they always seem to have a sale on. This is my favourite fit and they're on sale for $39 Canadian!

You'll be seeing these September Classics multiple times on the blog this month and I encourage you to use this list to create your own monthly classic wardrobe! Let me know in the comments what items you are looking to add this month!