#WearItWednesday - J.Crew Factory Winnie Pant

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For this week's #WearItWednesday we are looking at styling the J.Crew Factory Winnie Pant for fall.

A quick recap of #WearItWednesday - Each week I'll pick a new item, suggested by readers or something that caught my eye and I'll share over Instagram Stories. I'll give everyone some time to come up with outfit suggestions and then on Wednesday I'll share my thoughts on styling and share what readers have sent in. It's a community approach to looking our best this fall! 

What I'll be sharing on the blog each week is my suggestions for styling and where to find the items out in the big wide world. Some will be available online, some I'll be sending you in store and other items I'll be asking you to add to your list of things to watch out for when you are out shopping, be it with small shops, antiquing, thrifting, etc. 

This week we are looking at styling the J.Crew Factory Winnie pant as suggested by a lovely reader. They come in a variety of colours and prints. It's a top rated item on the website, meaning it's a best seller, is highly rated and you know they will be sticking around for a while (my pet peeve is loving an item only for the retailer to stop making/carrying it! ARGH!) 

So let's jump right in. The printed Winnie pants are a fun way to add a little something-something to your wardrobe this fall. And that doesn't necessarily mean you need to tone down the rest of your look! And since the pants range from $35 - 47 USD you'll still have room in your wallet for a few fun items to pair with it. *A note to my fellow Canadians, J.Crew Factory lists in US dollars and upon check out will show you the cost of shipping ($9.95) and any taxes or duties which I am happy to report as of this post they are crediting right back! It's their way of thanking us for being a global customer. 

#WearItWednesday - J.Crew Factory Winnie Pant
Look #1
Black J.Crew Factory Winnie Pant
Cream sweater
White sneakers
Lightweight mini tote

Look #2
Navy blazer
Navy suede loafer
Navy bag

Look #3

Here I've taken three different prints/colours and shown a sample outfit for each giving us some looks that can be worn to work and on the weekends. I'd also like to point out that by selecting classic pieces, these outfits are timeless and ageless. If you're 20 or 90, you can wear these outfits. 

I've also stayed away from any trends (no headbands here) because I want you to be able to mix these pieces with other classic items in your wardrobe. That cream sweater would look great with skinny jeans and riding boots, or leggings and rain boots. My passion is cost-per-wear so it's something I think about with every purchase or suggestion I make here on the blog. Not only do I steer clear of trends for personal taste reasons, it's also because I know that next season it will be sitting in my closet gathering dust and the cost-per-wear will not come down.

Now it's your turn! Tell me in the comments how you would style a pair of J.Crew Factory Winnie Pants. And if you have a pair, post your OOTD on social and use the hashtag #WearItWednesday so we can all see!