My Favourite Flannel Outfit


This is hands down my favourite flannel outfit to wear right now! 


flannel shirt


70's skirt


fall style


Hunter Boots

Love Story


Flannel (c/o) | Skirt (on sale!)
Vest (old) | Boots

Of course it will only remain my favourite flannel outfit until the snow starts to fly (there are flurries in the forecast for next week!) then I will have to adjust by adding a lot more layers!

Until then, I am planning on wearing this new skirt I just bought with my favourite flannel that I have worn for a few years now. So what makes this my favourite? Well it could be that it's just super comfortable (which it is) and that the colours are just so perfectly fall (which they are). I wore this outfit for a day of shopping, touring Detroit and heading to a cider mill (that sadly we couldn't get near because of crowds) and never in my life have more strangers come up to me to compliment my outfit!

Ladies loved the combination of red and the rusted amber skirt. A few said they would have never thought to combine the two. Another lady said she was glad to see someone wear a skirt and rain boots (which I wore because it was raining) the sales clerk at the L.L.Bean I visited simply said the "colours just work so well together" and a few more just said "what a cute outfit!"

This is my skill, creating outfits. I've never pretended to be a great model and I'm not the greatest photographer. What I can do though is tell what items will look good with each other. What colours work, what textures. I share these looks here and on Instagram to help inspire others to look at things in their closet in a different way and get a little more use out of an item.

I don't fall into any of the "activist" categories. I don't tell you to stay away from fast fashion, I don't encourage you to buy all new items, I don't tell you to boycott stores for not being inclusive, I don't preach anything. I don't even expect you to recreate my outfits. I just want to show you how you can use and reuse items in your wardrobe. I want to show you that you, yes you, can dress up to do something as simple as going outside. I could have easily worn jeans and a black sweater and been done with it. But I genuinely enjoy dressing up and life is far too short to be wearing anything boring.

Someone asked me if I wore this outfit just for taking photos. My husband laughed a little. After 20 some odd years together he is used to me always dressing up. If Instagram, blogs, Pinterest, heck even the entire Internet disappeared tomorrow, I'd still wear this outfit. And all the other outfits that I end up sharing here. I don't costume blog (that's where you dress up for photos and spend the rest of the day in yoga pants) I live a life and then blog about it. Not the other way around.

Because I am constantly shopping my own closet this is why many times when I share a look, I don't have the exact links for items. What I try and do is either link to something similar, or to the company itself. The exact flannel shirt I am wearing, the Slightly Fitted flannel is no longer available in the Royal Stewart Tartan. But, you can get this tartan in the Relaxed fit flannel. So what's the difference?

Personally, I recommend the Slightly Fitted flannel shirt. It's still quite relaxed and comfortable and has a little fit to help it look more feminine. I would say they are TTS but if you're between sizes, size down. The Relaxed flannel, which you can get in Royal Stewart Tartan, is quite relaxed. Almost like wearing a man's shirt. If you want a more boxy look for layering over other shirts, this is the one for you. I recommend ordering a size down, otherwise it looks like you're a little kid who stole dad's shirt.

Expect to see this skirt and this flannel shirt a few more times on the blog before the year is through. They're both easy to mix with things I already have in my closet, and hopefully those outfits will get the same reaction that this one did!