#WearItWednesday - Navy Loafers

preppy navy loafer outfits

Navy loafers. So classic and yet there seems to be a hesitation in purchasing and/or wearing.

When we look at a sweater or dress or pants, we instantly think about what other clothing we can add to make a full outfit but shoes rarely make it into those thoughts. It's something that completes the full outfit so we really should make an effort to include them into our outfit planning. I find shoes intimidating and I know many of you feel the same way. I got so many requests just on how to style navy loafers and a number of other show styles!

There are those that live for shoes (SJP's Carrie in SATC sure did!) but then there is the rest of us. I have to admit I've pulled together entire looks and then thought to myself "can I get away with just wearing my running shoes with these?" Not only are shoes intimidating, it's tough to find a pair that doesn't leave you in agony by the end of the day. That's why loafers are the perfect shoe for right now, they look stylish and feel so comfortable!

I've pulled together three looks here that are admittedly quite preppy. The loafers made me do it! This time of year is just calling for preppy looks and any of the following clothing items (all available now online and instore) will mix into your existing wardrobe well past the holiday season. I've also added coats into each look here and will probably continue to do so each #WearItWednesday because while some days are quite warm, the mornings and evenings are totally coat weather now.

preppy outfits for fall with navy loafers

Look #1

Navy loafers
Skinny jeans
Varsity sweater

Look #2

Navy loafers
Zippered boat & tote

Look #3

Navy loafers
Plaid pants

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