Baby, It's Cold Inside


Apparently there's this thing called a power control panel on your furnace that can burn out leaving you without any heat on the first snowy day of the season. 
It cost me $666.13 to learn that.

The furnace is all fixed (for now, we think it has to be replaced soon) and the heat is pumping. We have to make up for lost time. 


Just before the furnace repair person showed up, this was my outfit. Inside it dropped to 13 degrees Celsius and outside was negative 2. The only thing saving us from freezing was our little electric fireplace that gave a little heat and our warmest sweaters and hats. I've always said that this L.L.Bean Sweater Fleece Pullover is the warmest sweater I own. Like I can't wear this anywhere near the summer because it just works too well! 

Another thing that was great in keeping me warm was Ivy. This little girl gives off so much heat when she snuggles with you. We were sitting on the couch together until her brother (The Youngest) came home from school and then she was jumping all over him. I swear she loves him more than any of us. I asked him to snap a photo of me and as soon as Ivy saw the camera, she jumped up to get in the action. She loves getting her photo taken. I'm sure she associates picture time with treat time. 

I bought this sweater a few years ago after seeing it on another blogger. I thought it looked cute and warm and her review of the sweater was glowing. I'm happy to say she was totally right. I've loved this sweater for the last few years. It was a great purchase and well worth the money paid. 

She had influenced me, but I stepped away from that blogpost and took some time to think before purchasing. When I was ready to buy I went back to her site, clicked the link and made my purchase. I thought it was only fair that she get the credit for having convinced me to buy. 

I tell you this story because I think there is a lot of misconception about affiliate links. I've read a few websites that tell you to never click links on a bloggers website, or to only open the links through an incognito window. The overwhelming reason seems to be they don't want the blogger to earn a commission. 

Part time bloggers (like me) and full time bloggers put a lot of work into finding and selecting products to share. Once we've found something there can be a lot of administrative work that happens before pictures are taken and a blog post is created and published. Bloggers place these affiliate links as a means to share with you the exact item they are displaying (or similar of no longer available) and in return if you buy, a small percentage commission is paid to the blogger. There is no cost to you. 

This is how many bloggers earn a living. I myself work full time for a corporation and the extra money I earn from your commissions helps me to buy new outfits to share and to you know, pay that crazy furnace repair bill. 

We're about the head into the busy holiday season and that means a lot of your favourite bloggers are going to be sharing outfit ideas, home decorating, gift guides and so much more. If a blogger has influenced you to make a purchase you can support them by clicking their link before you complete your online transaction. Some bloggers will even be able to provide special savings codes so you can save on your entire purchase. 

What I am trying to say here is there is no downside to making a purchase after clicking through a bloggers link. You get your shopping done, a blogger earns a little money and they use that to create more content. Now if only doing your Christmas shopping were that easy.