#WearItWednesday - Sequin Pants for the Holidays

Today's #WearItWednesday was born out of a conversation about holiday dressing.
Seems that the holiday celebrations start earlier and earlier every year. While it might seem a touch early to be talking holiday dressing, I know of a few people who have already been to a "Christmas" style party! Everything really kicks into high gear next weekend once American Thanksgiving has come and gone.

So my friend L and I were chatting about an upcoming party and I can't quite remember how we got there but we ended up talking about sequins, specifically pants vs. skirts. Which one looks more polished, are sequins still a thing, it's so cold do I really need to wear a skirt...those types of things. 

Secretly I had been online stalking the sequin pants you see above (update they just sold out! I'll post some alternatives below) so I decided to put it out there for my Instagram friends. Usually how I handle #WearItWednesday is I put the item out online and ask for people to send in their styling suggestions. I don't look at the responses until I share them live on Wednesday. In the meantime, I create three different looks that I think would work and I post them here. Well, this time I looked to see the responses first, mostly looking to see how many responses I would get. 

I'm a big supporter of classic and colourful clothing and sequin pants don't actually fall under either of those categories. I worried that my online friends (which is what I call "followers" because I think follower sounds like we're all in a weird cult 😆) would think that these sequin pants were too far outside of our usual style (classic, preppy, sophisticated, etc.) and I think I was right. I think I scared a number of people away, I only got 6 responses! 

And I get it. When they first popped into my head I had visions of 80's outfits with teased hair. It was a no go for me. But the image of sequin pants kept rolling around in my head. The more I thought about them, the more classically styled outfits I kept coming up with. Of course, they are not an everyday pant, they need to be rolled out for fun celebrations! What I like is that they are a full pant which is oh so important in our crazy cold winters. 

Here are three ways in which I would like to style sequin pants for the holidays

holiday dressing

Cashmere sweater (for under $100!)
Earrings & Bracelet (both 40% off today)

Turtleneck (a closet staple and less than $60 for great quality!)
Tuxedo blazer (bonus it's made in Canada!)

I'd also love to style them with this cream and pearl cozy sweater that is part of the new CONSCIOUS collection at H&M and a simple pair of flats.

*Update* These Sequin Pants just sold out. Here's a few alternatives, $119Under $75, On sale for $52, $20

So have I convinced you that sequin pants can be classically styled? Are you willing to try them out? Still need more ways to style before you make a decision? Make sure to tune in later today on Instagram and join in the conversation!