Canadian Christmas Gift Guide


There are only 9 days until Christmas. Yes, you read that right.
Usually I have all of my Christmas shopping done and wrapped by now but this year, I am super late. We had our Christmas trip to Quebec City and some work/life obligations that really set our Christmas checklist back. We only got our Christmas tree this weekend! And I'm not the only one. Seems there is something in the air this Christmas (hey that sounds like it could be a Christmas song! 😀)  so many others are in the same situation. Scrolling through my Insta feed this weekend and so many people had just put up their trees this weekend as well!

Knowing that I am super behind, one would think that the lateness of me posting my Christmas gift guide was due to my hectic schedule. Truth be told, I actually planned it this way. This year I decided to forgo the usual gift guides and only post two; one devoted entirely to Canadian companies and the other devoted to small shops in my home area of Kitchener-Waterloo (tomorrow's post).

My thought was that when we get to the single digit countdown we are left with the truly hard to shop for. The family members and friends that are easy to shop for, well you've probably had a stack of presents for them since November. But those teenagers, husbands, and the girlfriend who already has everything, they are the ones that we really need a gift guides assistance with. And well, after visiting so much of my home and native land this year I decided we Canadians need a little reminder to shop within our own borders.

Canadian Christmas Gift Guide

Simons -The Quebec based retailer has a great selection of clothing and housewares and I especially love their Finds for $75 or less shopping page.

DIY Leather Pouch $45 (Designed & Manufactured in Montreal) Is the perfect gift for the young lady in your life

Vermeil gold Seashell necklace $175 (Handmade in Montreal) Vermeil is the newest and hottest craze in jewelry. Vermeil is silver which has been gilded with gold and this seashell pendant would be a hit with your beach loving person.

Vanilla snowflake home fragrance set $19.99 part of the Gifts of Hope Simons x United Way collection (providing groceries to Canadian families in need) A gift that smells great and gives back! Makes a great hostess gift.

Drake General Store

Provincial Pennant Box Set $99 - Know a true patriot in your family? This box set includes all Canadian provinces and territories. I want one and oh yeah, a cabin to hang them in!

Bar Glass Set - Mountie + Canada Pennant $23.95 - Another great hostess gift idea!

Marching Mountie Onesie - Adult $59.95 Baby $34.95 - Matchy marching!

Hudson's Bay

HBC x Le Creuset Multi Stripe Grand Teapot $65 (Breakfast mugs are on sale for $9.80) - Can't think of anything to get your parents? How about a Bay stripe teapot and some mugs to go along with it! Include a box of your favourite tea from David's Tea (Also Canadian! I heard the new Glitter Chai is outstanding!)

Multi Stripe Beach Towel $50 - I bought these beach towels for my teenage boys before a Christmas trip to Mexico and they still say it was one of their favorite gifts. Who knew! I was just looking for something useful but turns out it was actually a great gift for this hard to buy for demographic. 

Multi Stripe Hand Painted Ball Glass Ornament $9 - Everyone loves ornaments!


Christmas Photo LED Light Clips $5.99 - As someone who has gotten back into film photography I absolutely appreciate an interesting way of displaying my photos.

Fields is a discount department store that serves British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Northwest Territories. They especially focus on serving those who live in rural places in Western Canada and just last year launched an online shop. A message from the President of Fields reads "We don’t believe Canadians should have to pay more outside the big city, so we promise to deliver you all the things you need in life – for less." As someone who grew up in a rural Canadian town, and longs to move back to one, I just love this!

Retro Festive

Hoser Beer Canadian Christmas Ornament $12.99 - Do men like receiving ornaments as gifts? No. But do they love all things Bob & Doug Mckenzie? Take off hoser, of course they do! This will be the one and only ornament you can gift your dad, brother, uncle or husband so take the opportunity while you have it!

Tuck Shop Trading Co.

Dartmouth - Toque $38 - Rep your neighbourhood via a toque! There are so many neighbourhoods to choose from, pick where you live, where you were raised, or where you want to be in Canada (they have now expanded to include US neighbourhoods as well)


Navy & White Blanket $110 - Last week I was in Toronto and took one wrong turn and then another and then I ended up on the right route on Queen Street West and drove right past Cambie Design. I've long admired their alpaca blend blankets (20% alpaca wool making it lightweight, soft, and warm, and 80% acrylic keeping it durable. Each blanket measures 72" long by 55" wide) Winter is the perfect time to gift a blanket. These ones are so stylish and with so many colourways you can find one to suit your giftees taste. 

East Coast Lifestyle 

Boat Flag Hoodie $70 While in Novas Scotia and PEI this summer, I saw East Coast Lifestyle t-shirts and sweaters everywhere. The were for sale in major cities (Halifax), in small coastal towns, in the middle of nowhere and even in the airport! And it wasn't just in the shops that I saw it, people in every town were wearing their East Coast pride on their sleeves. A hoodie is another great gift option for teenagers (seriously they are the hardest to buy for!) but I think this would work for anyone in your family/friend group that loves the east coast or anything nautical. 


Winter Fun Boot Sock $12 Socks with skates, skis or snowshoes. I like gifting fun socks because they're cheap, fun and not something people usually buy for themselves but always seem to enjoy when they get them. The guys in my family only wear fun socks (anything with a bold pattern or characters on them) and they love the ones from Roots.

Toys R Us

Melissa & Doug Canada Map Jumbo Jigsaw Floor Puzzle $16.99 While the US stores no longer exist, Toys R Us is alive and well in Canada! It's the first place I always go to when buying gifts for kids. I have to admit now that my boys are grown, I have no idea what to get the new little ones in my life. I head to Toys R Us with names and age ranges and ask for help from staff. One gift I know I'll be giving to a few kiddos in my life is this floor sized puzzle of Canada. It's a great way to get the kids off their video games and phones for a while and helps them see just how big and wide our great country is.