Christmas Getaway to the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac

The family and I, including our pup Ivy, just got back from our Christmas Getaway to the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac.
I have a hotel bucket list a mile long and Chateau Frontenac has been at the top for a long, long time.

When we decided to head to Quebec City for a pre-Christmas getaway I started looking for dog friendly accommodations and luckily Chateau Frontenac popped up! The weekend we were looking for happened to be the last weekend before the prices of a night's stay started to skyrocket. I also found that the prices available on the hotel's website were cheaper than any of the discount travel websites so we booked right away. 

There was a fee for having Ivy stay with us, $50 a night. The website said this covers their cost of additional deep cleaning during and after our stay. They also provided Ivy with a small blanket, a treat upon arrival and a water dish which she chose to use over her own water dish that we brought with us. 

The rooms are exactly what you've come to expect from a Fairmont. Tastefully decorated with luxurious linens and comfortable beds. They are a good size for a family. We had two adults, a teenager and a dog and we didn't feel crammed. Our room had two beds, a desk, a tv entertainment unit with mini bar, large nightstand and a chaise which The Youngest took over immediately. 

The hallway of our room had a large walk in closet where we hung up our clothes and outerwear and a set of double doors that lead to our bathroom. I have to say, the bathroom was my favourite part of our room! It was large and bright and I'm pretty sure there was radiant flooring underneath the bathroom tile (the others thought I was imagining it) 

When packing for trips I always dread the part where I have to pack all my shampoos and conditioners. Either I have to bring the large bottles with me, or I have to place them into small travel sized bottles. Knowing I was headed to a Fairmont I skipped that whole process. They all stock Rose 31 products and they are just phenomenal! You can buy Rose 31 products, including a travel kit off the Fairmont's store website.

One thing I will note about the Chateau Frontenac's pet policy is the dog is not allowed to stay in the room by themselves. If you have to leave, say for a dinner reservation, the hotel has pet sitters ready for up to 3 hours (there is an hourly fee for this). Luckily, The Youngest was with us so we didn't need to arrange a sitter but I thought I would state this as it's a bit different than some of the other pet friendly places we have stayed. 

But enough about our room, let me show you around the hotel! 

Each morning I was up early with Ivy to well, you know, take her for her morning constitutional. People always ask us how she does in elevators...

She's great! We just ask her to sit right when we get in and to wait until the doors are fully open before she gets up. We've even had her on elevators with other people and she just knows the drill and sits right away. This of course comes with practice. There were many times on her first few elevator rides where we had to coax her into sitting. We felt this was especially important as she is a big dog and people can be intimidated by her when she's standing. This way she is safe and secure and there's less of a chance of another passenger being frightened. 

The hotel really goes all out for the holiday season. There were projections of falling snow on the rooftops at night...

Red and green spotlights on the exterior...

And the prettiest window boxes. 

The toboggan run on the Chateau Frontenac's boardwalk is something I'm sure you've seen floating around Instagram before. The weekend we visited the slide had not opened yet (it opened the weekend after) While I was initially disappointed to hear it wouldn't be open, that turned to absolute relief the morning Ivy and I walked over to see it. It's a huge ice slide where you can reach speeds upto 70 km. On a wooden sled. No thanks! But for you more adventurous types, it's open now for the season so enjoy!

Back inside the hotel, the main hallway with all the shops and galleries (it's really easy to spend an afternoon just in the lobby!) was lined with trees decorated in different themes. 

My favourite was the nautical themed tree (reminded me of my time in Nova Scotia this past summer) I wonder where they were able to find small lifesaver ornaments.

Also in the lobby of Chateau Frontenac is a gingerbread replica of the hotel! The hotel's pastry chef did an outstanding job of capturing the magic of the hotel during the holidays. Ivy thought so too and tried to give it a lick! 

We didn't get a chance to use the pool but I hear it is an excellent one so if you plan on visiting do not forget your swim gear. The weekend of our visit was especially chilly and not a one of us wanted to do anything more than cuddle in bed with Ivy and something hot. 

Thankfully the room came equipped with a Keurig so that was easy to do. My one complaint would be that I would have liked to see some hot chocolate K-Cups left along with coffee and tea. I did alert the staff that we had a child staying with us and I was a little disappointed that they didn't do anything to welcome him to the hotel, as they did with our dog. We've had a number of luxury hotel stays over the holidays and I've always been pleased that they have done something extra nice for our boys. There is a Starbucks on site so luckily we didn't have to go far to get him something. 

We also didn't get a chance to eat at the hotel because there were a number of local restaurants that we wanted to try. I was told by many friends even before we visited that the brunch at the hotel is the best they've ever had. On a return visit, this time without a child and dog in tow, I will be putting that on the list. 

The hotel is centrally located to just about everything in Quebec City. Once we valet parked, we didn't see our car again until it was time to head home. We managed to visit every Christmas Market (there are three!), every shop (Hello, Simons!), the famous skating rink, Petit-Champlain, which I have to say is just about the prettiest place I have ever seen, and just about anywhere else we could walk. By the time we settled in for the night the step counter on our phones was in the 20,000! 

I have nothing but nice things to say about our stay. I really racked my brain to come up with something critical because, well, nothing in life is perfect but other than not stocking hot chocolate (which if I'm being totally honest is not something that most hotels do either so it's really more my issue) I am coming up blank. 

When we checked in the front desk was warm and welcoming, especially to Ivy. They let us know that during our stay there would be not one but two grand balls happening. The mayor was holding a big event and the following night was another large event. They assured us we wouldn't hear anything from where our room was and they were right. What I really liked was that they told us that beforehand. While I was taking Ivy out for the last time one night I ran into the press, guests, musicians, and a red carpet that Ivy and I ended up walking! If I hadn't known before about the event I would have thought I walked back into the wrong hotel! 

The way I rate a hotel in my mind is it if I would stay again with them on my return, it was a success. Well, this one was such a success we talked about a return visit before we even finished the first one! I would love to return every Christmas if I could but I especially would like to visit during the summer. As I mentioned it was really cold during our stay and while we did manage to get a lot of steps in, we would have done more if the weather had been better. But I'm not complaining at all. All I wanted was cold weather (it's the Canadian in me) and falling snow which I got for our first two days. It really was a perfect stay.