CTL Christmas Work Playlist


I  💝LOVE💝 making playlists. I love selecting new songs, combining them with old favourites and making sure that one song flows well into the next.
Then all it needs is a great title and someone to listen to it!

I work from home most days of the week and it's really quiet. The only sound is the pitter patter of Ivy moving around the house for her next place to nap (which is usually my bed or the couch)
For someone who loves music and playlists, I actually spend most of my time working in silence. But once the holidays roll around I love working to the sound of Christmas music. When I do work in the office there's always one person who has their radio tuned into 96.7 Chym FM (the local KW all holiday station) and it always puts a smile on the face of those around.

Inevitably, someone's favourite Christmas song will come on and they either share their memory, or they just start singing along. It makes work a heck of a lot more entertaining during this sometimes slow time of year.

christmas music

I'll be working over the holidays this year both at home and in the office and I wanted to make sure I had just the right mix of holiday favourites to get me through the workday, especially since there may only be a few of us working over the holidays.

google home mini

In the office I'll have my earphones in and in my home office I can use my Google Home Mini as my speaker. Can you spot my little guy on my super messy and totally unstyled work shelves? That little white/grey circle on the middle shelf is my Google Home Mini! It's so tiny but the sound quality is just amazing! After the holidays I'm hoping for some quiet time at home to style up these shelves and remove anything that is no longer needed but until then, enjoy my real life, stuff everywhere shelves!


I've made my playlist public on my Spotify account (not sponsored, I just love Spotify!) so you can search and download or you can use the listing below to make your own playlist in whatever music streaming service you use.

If you have a Spotify account you can play the list right here on your webplayer to get you through the last few work days (if you don't have Spotify it will give you a 30 second preview of each song)

Sending you warm wishes and an extra push of encouragement to get through this year! What a year it's been!