Winterize Your Hunter Boots

hunter boots

Don't put your rain boots away just yet. Let's winterize your Hunter Boots so you can enjoy them over the next few snowy months!
On the first chilly fall day the Hunter Boots come out. The functionality of keeping your feet dry during cold rainy days is a major factor but equally so is the wide range of colours available. You can find a pair in your favourite colour, a colour to match the season or a colour that you think will match the majority of your wardrobe. You could even get a colour to match your favourite sports team! And then there are the special collaborations, like the one Hunter just did with Hudson's Bay (that I've been living in since I got them last month!)

Whether you have one pair, or a few, you might be wondering how to get your money's worth out of your Hunters. They certainly are an investment with pairs reaching costs of $190 for the Original Rubber Tall boots. That's a lot of money for a pair of rain boots.

The durability of the thick rubber and deep treads on the sole actually make them a great option for winter time. You want something thick enough to stand up to wet weather and salt (more on that later) and the deep treads prevent hazardous slips on ice. The tall styles also protect from deep snow as the boots reach to just under your knee.

So how to winterize specifically?

We are going to double up on socks. Your everyday socks are alright to wear when it's just a little chilly but on those really cold days you need reinforcements in the form of boot socks. There is a wide range of boot socks to purchase, all different fabrics, styles, colours. What you want is a pair of the fleece ones. They are the warmest option and because the entire sock is fleece, they warm not just your feet but your entire leg. One pair in a neutral colour (I opted for white) is all you need. No need for multiple pairs.

They are easy to wear as well. You just pull them on over your pants/leggings/nylons like a regular sock. Then you step into your boot. To remove, you simply pull your boot off and remove the socks. I like to roll them into one another and place along with my hat and mitts in my hallway closet. You could even put them back inside the boot to ensure you never lose them. Cost $35 (actually on sale for $25 right now!)

Shearling insoles are another great option as they provide an additional warm layer between your feet and the sole of your boot. One word of caution is if you find that your Hunters are snug when you wear the socks, the insoles not not be the best option as they do take up a little more room. That being said, if you find the boots are not warm enough with the socks this might be the best option. Eventually the insert will flatten due to use giving you a little more wiggle room.

Preventing cracks in your boots is crucial to ensuring your boots remain waterproof. To prevent them, it's a good idea to ensure you clean your boots when needed, especially if your area uses a lot of deicing salt. Salt is quite drying and is damaging to footwear. It's a good idea to check your boots every few days to see if there are salt stains. Cleaning is easy (and free!) all you need to do is to wipe the salt stain with a damp cloth.

There are also Rubber Boot Care Kits that you can use to clean any white marks called "bloom" that appear on your boots. Blooming is a common process where a white powdery looking substance can appear on your boots. This is because the rubber used is a high-quality natural product. It does not damage your boots in anyway but it can be unslighty. These rubber care kits cost $30 and will bring your boots back to their original shiny state.

My oldest pair of Hunter Boots are almost 10 years old and I've never done anything more than wipe them off a few times a year. They don't look brand new anymore but they still look great, and more importantly they are functional all these years later. I wear them in all four seasons but I especially like wearing them in winter. They keep your feet dry, warm and probably the most important is they keep you upright when you encounter one or more icy spots.