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L.L.Bean's Waterhog Rug - One Year Later Review

L.L.Bean's Waterhog Rug - One Year Later Review

The holiday season is coming up and that means lots of guests and lots of snowy shoes (and paws!)

My IKEA Front Porch Makeover

ikea wicker chair

A few sunny June days was all it took to get me to finally tackle a project that I've been putting off for a good long while, my front porch!

Spring Cleaning (that you may not have considered) & New Williams Sonoma Kitchen Towels

williams sonoma towels, vineyard vines shep sweater

Spring has officially sprung here in Ontario and I am all about spring cleaning right now! 

5 Tips To Take The Stress Out of Buying a Sofa (or any other large home decor purchase!)

sofa shopping

I bought a new sofa!

My Christmas Office Decor


Today I thought I would take you on a quick tour of my home office Christmas decor! 

My New Home Office

home decor

Welcome to my new home office, a light and bright room to (hopefully) get a lot of work done!

My Blue and White Foyer

joules rain coat

Phew! It felt like this renovation project lasted for-ever! It's finally all done and I spent a rainy Sunday styling it all up (because you know with a family of four people and two dogs it never looks this clean in real life!) and now I am so happy to be able to share my blue and white foyer with you all!

Hand Painted Home Bakery Wooden Sign

home craft project

Put your orders in, the Henderson Bakery is open for business! 

Country Living Styled Back Deck

checkered top

Just over here living my best country within the city life on my back deck! Come take a peek!

Blue & Green Christmas Decor and a Home Tour


Settle yourselves in for the most picture heavy post I have ever created! I'm just so excited to share with you my Christmas theme/decor for this year and I'm also tagging a home tour on to it!

Navy Stripe Powder Room

Navy Stripe Powder Room

Earlier this year I had decided that the main floor of our house needed to be redecorated. We made a plan and committed to three main areas, our kitchen, living/dining room and main entry hallway. Each presented challenges, like the arduous task of removing popcorn ceilings (more on that in a future post), and like many projects, it seemed to drag on and on. 

Lemon Drop With Kendra Bester Design


I've been teasing this on Instagram for the last few days and today I can finally reveal what me and my dear friend Kendra, owner of Kendra Bester Design, have been up to! Kendra recently started printing her amazing watercolour paintings and is currently selling tea towels and bar towels on her website. She just launched her new summer collection and released the cute as can be "Lemon Drop" so we decided to throw a lemon themed party!

Coal and Canary


Part of my promise to celebrate Canada's 150 birthday with my #Canada150Project was to bring you some incredible Canadian companies. Today I'd like to introduce you to our first, Coal and Canary.

Stocking Your Bar Cart

With only 11 days (yes, I just said that...11 days!) until Christmas, now is that time to assess what holiday soirĂ©es you will be hosting and determine exactly what you need to stock your bar cart. In Ontario we are lucky enough to have the LCBO which is basically Toy R Us for adults. Even people who do not drink, love to visit the LCBO. Their displays are always lovely, and their magazine Food & Drink is coveted by all. I'm not going to lie, I have left with a beautiful bottle from the LCBO of a type of liquor I have never tried, just because I loved the bottle and the display (I'm looking at you St. Germain which I have no idea how to drink!).

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! 

Sharing my Oogie Boogie pumpkin carving from last year. Tonight we will be watching scary movies while shelling out to the neighbourhood children. I can't wait to see all the little costumes and reminisce of the costumes my boys once wore (they are both officially done with trick or treating). 

After today I am planning on a week long break from blogging. You can still follow along on Instagram @Celebratingthislife and I will see you back here next Monday! 

Prepping Next Year's Veggie Garden

One a cold and frosty morning (hey, isn't that Oasis?) I bundled up, put on my Hunters, and joined my husband who was already outside working on his garden. Let me take you back to last summer when out of nowhere, my husband decides he wants to try having a vegetable garden. Now, I am a full blown country girl so having a veggie garden is pretty standard. But, I married a city boy so this was going to be an adventure. Living in the country we had lots of room for our garden but what were we going to do since we live in a city subdivision with a small backyard, that the dogs pretty much own, and a very narrow space in between us and our neighbours?

Master Closet DIY

Well I knew this day would come - the day we would have to replace our master closet unit. Our builder installed a very basic shelf and hanging rack that ran the length of our long, yet narrow, master closet. Every time I put something on the shelf I knew it was only a matter of time before it came crashing down, almost like playing Jenga with your clothes. 

Powder Room Inspiration

Last week we had a day or two where the weather actually dropped below 20 degrees (that is a distant memory with the 35 degrees we had yesterday!) and that had me in total fall mode! I wanted to pull out sweaters, make something in the crock pot (actually my mom did that and it was delicious!), and get my fall to-do list on the go. I had intended to do a front hall foyer makeover this summer but with the extreme heat, painting was the last thing on my mind. The humidity was so bad this summer I don't think any paint would have dried anyway! Now that my favourite season is here I am back on the makeover train but this time, it's my powder room that I am looking at. 

I found this powder room on Pinterest (where else!) and struggle to find the original source (the only downside to Pinterest). The second I saw that wallpaper I knew that was what I wanted for my powder room! My home is kept quite neutral because I like to swap out seasonal items but I really want to go wild in my little bathroom. I am so in love with the wallpaper and wonder if this is something I can recreate by hand with paint. Maybe freehand or find a stencil?

Deck Style

I'm so excited to finally share with you my deck style today! AMH and I designed this deck ourselves, which I affectionately refer to as the "Deck in the clouds", three years ago. I call it that because when you are sitting down all you can see is sky and clouds. We have a walk out basement so this deck is 12 feet in the air. The deck is 250 sq.ft with solid privacy walls, 4 ft 4 in. high on all three sides (well above regulation) with two louvered panels on either side. We really wanted this deck to be safe for our boys and dogs all while giving us some privacy while entertaining (subdivisons are a little like living in a fish bowl). 

We choose cedar for our wood because we love the look and because it was not significantly more than pressure treated but it is work. It had greyed over the last few seasons and to bring back the bright colour of the wood we had to pressure wash it. It was messy, took forever and even damaged a few boards. Cedar is a soft wood and you have to be very careful when using a pressure washer on it. We intend to seal it soon so that we can try and prevent it from greying again. 

The deck is hands down Colton White's favourite spot in the house. He will sit out here all day long, even in the dead of winter with three feet of snow covering the deck. I have so many outtakes from taking these photos of him just walking into view. Now that we have chairs out here we spend many nights listening to records on the deck and to Colton, there is no better way to spend the evening. 

The before pictures were pretty much nothing. We had a table with six chairs, our umbrella, our BBQ and that's it. It wasn't until I found these faux bamboo chairs on Kijiji for $40 total that the deck really started to come together. An old side table got a coat of white paint to serve as our coffee table, and our blue and white garden stools from the living room are additional side tables.

I bought La Croix while on a Target run mainly because I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. Good grief I love this stuff! I drink water like it's going out of style (I dehydrate very easily) but I don't like sugary drinks. La Croix imparts a very subtle flavour into carbonated water and in the last few weeks I have not left the house without one in my hand (my favourite is coconut). I will be loading the car up on our next cross border trip! I placed a leftover scrap of stripped pillow fabric on the coffee table to make clean ups easy. Any spills just pool and can be wiped away! 

I'm so in love with my new pillows and I could not be more pleased on how they turned out. You can't go wrong with a classic blue and white stripe for summer and as soon as I saw the chinoiserie print I knew I had to have it! The only downside, it was very expensive fabric! I bought a half metre (or yard, I am terrible with measurements) just enough to make two pillow faces. I brought The Oldest with me to help pick out fabrics and he scoured the last chance bin to find a nice striped fabric to add to the back, for only $5. In total I spent $99 on fabric to make 4 outdoor pillows, 1 indoor one (for my living room), and a table runner for the outdoor dining table. I am reminded of this joke I once saw on Pinterest. 

I always serve ice tea on the deck. Happy Planet is a new to me brand of ice tea and I am in love. Organic raspberry iced tea with lime is refreshing without an overly sugary taste, a major plus in my books. I started drinking their smoothies for breakfast this summer and bonus...they're a Canadian company! It's a good idea to always have a fresh bottle in the fridge in case anyone stops by.

A few more details about our deck style; the elephant side table was a purchase from a local antique market (the previous owner glued a marble tile to the top to make it a larger table), the wicker drink coaster (on the blue and white stool) came from Goodwill, the outdoor lanterns are from Target, and the Boston fern behind the two chairs is on a black iron plant stand from Wal-Mart. 

I am a blanket hoarder. I have no problem admitting that. My husband travels frequently for work and over the years we have accumulated quite the collection of Mexican blankets which work great as shawls on cooler nights. I keep a basket of blankets at arms reach at all times in my living room and on the deck. This wicker basket was from Goodwill for $2. 

Everyone needs a good barcart. They are cute, and they serve a purpose! Having wheels is a plus in my books because it can go from the dining room to deck with little to no effort. I keep a basket filled with cocktail recipes on the bottom shelf and an assortment of liquors, mix and glasses on the top.  This little gold beauty is from Wal-Mart and cost me less than $100. A little modification that I plan on making is adding a hanging glass rack under the top shelf. 

The aisle runner for the table is leftover pillow fabric with a hole in the centre for the umbrella. White plates with wicker chargers are my favourites for casual dinners. The chargers are from Target and the plates are Restoration Hardware.

Actually, our table is a bit of a funny story. This is not the original table. The original one, that came with our six chairs, was a beautiful smoked glass top that smashed during the first season of owning it. It was a wicked wind storm and The Youngest was home alone when it happened. I got a very panicked phone call at the office and I raced home to make sure he was ok and to sweep. And sweep. And sweep. It was a giant mess and while it was not funny at the time (since outdoor furniture is crazy expensive) it's pretty funny now. We replaced the table with a cheaper, non-breakable plastic one from Canadian Tire. 

Let's take another look around the deck...

And I leave you with Colton and his little ball. Thanks for coming along on my little deck style tour. I'm so happy that it is finally all finished. I am off to enjoy my deck in the clouds with a nice cold beverage. Cheers! 


Target: Lanterns, Chargers, Solar panel lights for louvers (Three packs of 2) 
WalMart: Barcart (sold out online, similar one from Target)
Fabricland: Pillow fabric
Homesense/Winners: Blue and white garden stools (similar options for under $100 here and here)
Kijiji: Chairs, small white table
Canadian Tire: Dining table
MeadowAcres Garden Centre: Dining chairs
Restoration Hardware: Plates

The Oldest's Collections

Last week I shared a peek at my collections and my husband AMH's collections. Today, let's take a look at my son, The Oldest's collections...I mean, besides video games.

Vintage cigar and cigarette boxes. If memory serves, his Grandfather has a box in his garage and gave The Oldest one because he thought they were neat looking. Since then he loves going to the antique market in the summer and searching for something new to add! The yellow Black Cat box is his favourite find. None of us are smokers and it's nice to see that kids these days (god I sound old) are not taking up smoking. We've never had a problem with him collecting these as we knew it was more about the interesting designs than anything else. 

Baseballs! This kid has more signed balls than anyone I know. And this is just part of the collection! Blue Jays fans will recognize #17 Kelly Gruber on top of the box. The one in the glass case is a very special one, signed by Lloyd Moseby, Roberto Alomar, Sandy Alomar and George Bell! The Oldest signed up for a Blue Jays baseball camp a few years ago and trained with the greats of the game! There are a few more balls in storage and I am currently trying to find a way to display them all. We are going to need a bigger shelf, I can tell you that much! 

 I hope you enjoyed this little look at my family's collections!