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Vineyard Vines x Target Haul

Vineyard Vines x Target

The Vineyard Vines x Target release was this past Saturday and I'm home and ready to show you what I picked up on my shopping trip!

Valentines Day Outfits for Colder Climates

winter outfits

Oh Valentines. Such a love filled holiday...right smack in the middle of winter.

Resort Wear Recommendations 2019

Resort Wear
You know what's better than dreaming of a warm weather getaway? Actually going on one!

Shopping the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

Lilly Pulitzer

The Lilly Pulitzer 2019 After Party Sale starts at 8am today! This is a two day sale filled with deep discounts and an opportunity to grab a print you may have missed out on earlier in the year.

Black Friday Deals 2018

savings codes

Another Black Friday is upon us and that means it's either time to treat yourself or get a head start on your Christmas shopping! Here are all the Black Friday deals for 2018.


Hold onto your hats my Canadian friends, L.L.Bean is coming to Canada!

Tips for Vintage and Antique Shopping

vintage, antique

Is it the thrill of the hunt or the love of the collectible that keeps us antique shopping? 

What To Send In A College Care Package

back to school

Back to school season is in full force over here in the Celebrating This Life household...and The Oldest is off to college! 

College Packing List

No, I'm not packing up and heading out to college but The Oldest is (cue the mom tears)

Many Outfits, Minimal Packing

creating travel outfits

I've done a lot of travelling in the last few years.

My Fitbit Flex 2

fitbit flex 2 review

I've been keeping a little secret. Have you guessed what it is?

Kristin Ess The One Shampoo & Conditioner

shampoo hair care review

After testing out this new daily shampoo and conditioner for the past two months, it's now safe to say we have a winner on our hands!

Winter to Spring Vests, The Unsung Heroes of Cool Weather Dressing

vest, shopping, spring
Ah, vests. The unsung hero of dressing in this awkward and sometimes weird in between season.

Making The Case For Good Quality Luggage

luggage, travel style

Travelling is a lot of fun. You get to set out and explore a different land and experience something outside of the day to day hussle of your life.

5 Favourite Buys - February

A new month, a new monthly series!

Introduction: Duffield Lane

dresses, nautical clothing
Have you ever thought to yourself "I want to wear cute, stylish clothes, I want them to fit well, I want to be able to throw them in the wash, I want to dress them up and dress them down, I want to be comfortable, I want them to not fall apart and I want them to not break my bank account. Is that too much to ask?!" Let me introduce you to Duffield Lane.

The Best (and not-so-great) Online Shopping Destinations for Canadians

Canada, shopping,

This is a post that has taken me more than six months to research, test, write and publish. You see, it all started innocently enough. I was talking on my Instagram Stories about how I had just made a purchase with J.Crew and mentioned that I didn't get charged shipping or customs. It may seem like a small win to my American, United Kingdom and other readers out there in the big wide world.

9 Dresses for Valentine's Day

dress, clothing

We are a little more than two weeks away from Valentine's Day and I decided to see what special dresses are available (and can be shipped) in time for the holiday.

Winter 2018 Sales

January is that funny month where shops are knee deep in holiday clearance items and spring is just a little too far off to start changing over.

Holiday Party Dresses


The invites are rolling in and your burning through your stable of go-to party dresses a lot faster than you had anticipated. If you didn't pick up a new holiday party dress during the black Friday sale, fear not! This week the sales are anywhere from 10-50% off at your favourite retailers.